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  1. The members of Southeastern Foxbodies are building and raffling off a Foxbody to benefit JDRF, Victory Junction Gang Camp and Savannah's Drive.

    Project "Save A Fox" was born...
    What started off as a donated 1989 4cyl Hatch with plans for a V8 swap and build-up using member donated parts has turned into a complete rotisserie restoration with help from outside sponsors known by many in the Mustang community.

    The members voted on all major aspects of the build with democracy winning big as the finished project will certainly capture the essence of the Foxbody experience(minus the leaky rear main seal!)

    What comes to your mind when thinking about the classic Fox look, feel and sound? A 351ci engine with some go fast bolt-ons? Maybe a cowl hood and a set of 17" chrome Pony Rs? Perhaps a 5spd manual with an H-pipe and flows? All that and more will be on this car!

    The project kicked off last summer for completion by Mustang Week '13 where the winner will be drawn at the Saturday Cruise-In.

    Chances to win are $5 for one or five for $20 and can be purchased at www.SAVE-A-FOX.com with a maximum of 5,000 chances to be sold. This is where we need your help Stangnet...if all 5,000 chances are sold and expenses kept to a minimum we could raise upwards of $20k for charity!!

    Learn more at www.sefb.net and of course don't forget to visit www.SAVE-A-FOX.com to buy tickets!!

    The SEFB members, Charities and Sponsors greatly appreciate your support with this very cool project!


    The rendering!!


    Thanks Stangnet!!
  2. You need not be present to win!
  3. Correct...full contest details are on www.SAVE-A-FOX.com, but that's an important one to note(thanks!) and you can follow the build on www.sefb.net.
  4. Thanks Stangnet!![/quote]
    Victory Junction Gang Camp, and I'll list my reasons why I thought of it.

    1-located right here in the Carolina's where a big portion of us are located

    2-It caters strictly to children

    3-The Petty's are tied in with Ford and using Roush/Yates power. That may help get us some publicity and parts for our project.

    FWIW, I'll second all the above choices also View attachment 129268

  5. UPDATE:
    We've had overwhelming support from not just the members of Southeastern Foxbodies and its vendors, but also the aftermarket companies that continue coming on board to make this one ridiculously nice '89 Hatch!

    We've had 7 full days of reconstruction since getting the car back from Toyota West Collision Center in Stateville, NC where the Scott Rod panels where welded and smoothed in. The engine bay and jams received final paint and clear using Ford Deep Impact Blue. The rest of the car is in tinted primer.

    Fox Mustang Restoration in Locust, NC is our primary build site and we can't them enough for the use of their facility, expertise and warehouse full of restoration parts!!

    I'll let the pics do the rest of the talking...



    Donor Car:




    After Round 1 of 2 at Toyota West Collision Center:


    Engine Bay:


    358ci Windsor built by Kannapolis Engine Service:


    Rear end rebuilt with donated performance parts from Late Model Restoration Supply:


    Dynamat, Carpet and Floormats donated by CJ Pony Parts:


    Keep up with all the progress in the Save A Fox section of www.sefb.net and purchase chances to win this hot Fox at www.save-a-fox.com!!!
  6. Update:

    Dynomat and Carpet is down. All new glass is in. Dash is in. Exhaust welded up. Stiffler's Subframe Connectors and FIT System is welded in. The car is back at the body shop finishing up paint which we pick up this weekend and move on to final assembly!!

  7. Snaps from last week at the body shop(Toyota West Collision Center in Statesville, NC) getting the fenders and Cervini's 3inch cowl hood fitted before final prep and paint begins. This was the first time we've seen the car will all the body panels hung...very cool!

    **Notice one of our project banners hanging in the background with the rendering/logo on it...the car is really becoming the original vision!

  8. UPDATE: Save A Fox is out of the body shop as of last night and engine bay wire tuck being performed now.

    Video just about leaving the paint booth a couple of days ago!!

    (shop language warning...lol)

    Body work and paint donated by Toyota West Collision Center in Statesville, NC

    IMG_0559_zps56cec402.mp4 Video by bwatts21 | Photobucket

    Reminder that we're selling a maximum of 5,000 tickets so chances of winning are very good!

    Get your chance(s) at www.save-a-fox.com
  9. We took SAF to a cruise-in Saturday hosted by Toyota West Collision Center(the body work and paint donors) that benefited Victory Junction Gang Camp(one of the three charities SAF is benefitting).

    Finally got the car wiped down and in the sun as well as some of the interior fitted.


    We intend to have the car complete and running by the end of next weekend. Then we break in the engine and clutch while checking that all systems are go. Then a custom tune donated by Amazon Tuning Solutions and then back to Toyota West Collision Center for final cut and buff before Mustang Week!

    This car is turning out incredible with the help from the members of SEFB, our primary build site and sponsor Fox Mustang Restoration along with 28 other company sponsors!!

    Ticket sales are picking up with every update post, so don't miss out on this opportunity as someone is going to get a very nice Fox!!
  10. A long overdue update(apologies!):

    The month leading up to MW was crunch time and left time for little else but work on the car...but we met the deadline!!!

    The car was complete(minus a short punch list) when we towed it to Mustang Week. We had sold close to half of the 5,000 chances before we left for the beach and sold the other half at all the various events throughout the week.

    Save A Fox led this year's Fox Body Cruise at MW, hosted by Southeastern Foxbodies, which had 140 cars under police escort!

    Saturday afternoon at the end of the awards presentations we put all 5,000 stubs in a ticket tumbler and had a kid from the audience make a blind draw. Much to the disappointment of the crowd on hand, the winner was from Nebraska(Andrew) who purchased 25 chances online seven months prior.

    So we towed the car back to Charlotte, knocked out our punch list and began coordinating transport with Andrew. Struggling to work an acceptable pick-up with the transport company, Andrew decided to borrow a buddy's truck and enclosed and came to get it himself!

    The car is now in the Cornhusker state and Andrew is enjoying it every chance he gets!

    SEFB wants to thank the members, sponsors and everyone who purchased tickets for their support of this great project. We raised over $18k for the three charities involved which felt great!

    Late Model Restoration put together a killer video/interview while down at MW:
    SEFB Save A Fox Project: Fox Body Mustang Charity Raffle - YouTube

    There was also a brief interview by the Lokar Car Show TV series folks the same day which will air on Discovery's Velocity Channel 11/5/13 @ 5:30pm & 11/10/13 @ 1:30pm

    Also, look for an upcoming feature article in 5.0 Magazine!

    Thanks again everyone!
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