1. All I have to say about this is that we should stop worrying about the gas prices and focus on helping those in need in the south. I have read numerous reports that only 10% of our supply was affected and the there is NO shortage of gas, however, if people keep panicing and top of their tanks everytime the gas goes up 10 cents then that might lead to a problem. So stop worrying about the prices, the will fix themselves in due time, and give what you can to help those in need.

  2. Well I don't think you can seriously say that we aren;'t safer considering you don't know exactly what they have done. It's not like everytime they protect us from something it is reported in the news. I agree it took them too long to respond to this disaster but there are several factors that could explain why it took longer than it should have.

    For one, its supposed to be the worst hurricane to hit that area, that alone puts it into a different league. Next, new orleans pretty much slipped into chaos immediately so whatever relief effort that was planned originally probably had to be rethought out considering we don't want to send in troops unprepared and have them dying.

    I think I heard on the news that origina plan was to send 2000 state troopers right after the disaster which obviously was not enough. So before we start assuming people aren't doing enough maybe we should wait to see the actual reasons it took so long to respond.
  3. buy a bike

    gas prices are $3.50 on long island...i bought a bike to keep the stang gas prices down. 00 Yamaha R6, so fast and i can ride it all week on one tank! :nice:
  4. If you have paid attention to the news and media, we ARE in war and have been for 30 months,, also we have shortage as well,,, and its not just about me not FEELIN like paying premium on gas,, If I had any other way to get around, I would!!! Also its about the so called freedom we have here yet no one is listening to us and we just have to shut our mouths and accept anything thats decided for us...
  5. I'm still waiting for something to be done about Social Security too. Maybe Mr. Bush is still reading that book about the Billy Goat.
  6. :lol: :rlaugh: :hail2:
  7. Thank you MyBlueOval, Jenns05Stang, and scro. Y'all have restored my faith that there are others out there than can see past the quick fix, gimme gimme attitude that is so prevalent these days. There are many factors that contribute to the current gas prices.

    The only thing I can see that the government could responsibly do to curb the current prices would be to reduce or suspend the tax currently placed on gas. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen however.
  8. 1st you tell us about your faith in other solutions than a quick fix, then you suggest a responsible way for a quick fix? hmmm,, you have not much faith in your faith do you!? :shrug:
  9. Maybe we could all write a errr.............NICE......letter to Bill Gates and..............ASK...........him to give a few hundred million toward the situation.
  10. Sorry, I was commenting on the price cap idea. I did not articulate my response well, or maybe you just did not understand. The gov. does have control over taxes, but they only like them to go up, not down. If you do want a quick fix from the gov., at least ask for a responsible one. Anytime the gov. gets involved with private industry, quality goes down and price goes up. However, they are the ones who control taxes. Next time you are at the pump you should look at how much of that cost is going to pay tax and not to the gas company or store. If you want them to make a dent in the price without “capsizing the boat” there is your answer. If you have a better answer than that, now would be the time to speak up and contribute to the discussion.
  11. Just put some gas in the Mustang today.. First time in my life I have had to filler'up with $2.97 regular unleaded.. I'm flat broke.. LOL!! Time to whip out the spandex pants, and the 12 spd bicycle LOL!! Remember those! :D
  12. Come on! You should know that asking for lowered taxes on ANYTHING is never a responsible thing(and way farfetched) to ask when you know the answer is gonna be no!!
    As you can see the goverment is more willing to dig into the reserves than lowering the taxes,,
    So I did understand what you meant, but you were a bit confused yourself I think :cheers:
  13. Negitive, I was not confused at all. Just giving props to those who debunked several of the other ideas posted. And if you had read the first post I made, I said don't hold your breath, which is alot like saying "farfetched". The problem with digging into the reserves is our cars, or at least mine, don't run on crude. Go ahead and try though, I'll stick to gasoline. Why would lowering taxes not be responsible? Just b/c RisingForce says so is not a good answer.
  14. No just because the goverment says no,,, belive me if it was up to Rising Force it would happen!
    And excuse me but duh(!) of course you cant run your car on crude,, if youre gonna be a smartie about it, then why do we even have crude oil resrves since we cant put it in our cars anyways,,,
    Bottom line is, you said you faith was into something other than a quick fix but 2 sentences later you suggested a quick fix of your own that you think was more responsible!
    In the end we all want a quick fix thats not gonna happen,, so chill out,, anything you and me say will NOT change a damn thing! We're just exchanging thoughts and idea's , but by the end of the day its still up to Bush and his goverment to make any decision(s)
  15. Labor Day CRUNCH

    I had pretty interesting idea today. It would help the people down south and all Americans. As you all know, this weekend is Labor Day weekend, the weekend of getting out to the lake to take your boat for one last spin until next summer. With outrages gas prices today, a typical boater could probably spend at least $100 in gas a day. Maybe more, I'm not too sure. So here is my idea:

    Instead of taking your boat or Jet Ski out to the lake and burning gasoline that is in high demand, stay home! Go have a cookout with your family and just relax! You could also take that money that you are saving on gasoline and donate it to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or your favorite charity! I have no information to back up this statement; however, I predict gas prices will shoot up ATLEAST 50 cents by Tuesday due to the Labor Day festivities. Every year the prices jump and I predict that prices will jump twice as high as they normally due to the current situation. So this weekend, turn the grill on, throw a big juicy steak on, kick your feet up and relax! :banana:
  16. Yea not. The president could just cap the prices at a certain amount over wholesale. Just cutting the gougers out. It's temporary. The kind of things presidents normally do in a national emergency. Just stop the idiots who marked up the pump price much higher even though their wholesale cost didn't justify it. Tragedy Profiteers :bang:
  17. there was a story on the news a few days ago. the state tax on a gallon of gasoline in nebraska is 25 cents.
  18. Good idea lethaljay,

    I have started my contribution today. This afternoon I had some errands to run but instead of making 4 different trips I planned them to drive the farthest to pick up my son from school first. Then I hit Walmart for paper products, OTC medicines and grocery condiments and snacks. I then went up the hill about a 1/2 mile away to the Walgreens to get my mom's RXs and then home.

    My mom was pissed, my son was whining and my cat had to be taken to the Emergency Vet thanks to a defective collar that got wrapped around her leg and nearly took her leg off. So, 4 trips and $511.00 later, I have made efficient use of my gas and been berrated for it the whole day.

    Ahhhhh... :nice:

    I am going to go get the Meat and the vegetables tomorrow at the grocery store, but, I will walk there since it is only about 1/2 mile away and I will back pack the items home.

    I need the exercise and the gas supplies can use the break. (I will miss the Stang trips though).

    Oh....and I am adding a tall heavy stout to the Barbeque list. Damn it I feel like having one after this freakin' week. :rolleyes:

  19. Pansies!!!! I made sure I floored it as much as I could today and I kept the AC on. Tomorrow I am going to fill up with $5 a gallon gas. It is only priced at $3.15 or so, but I am going to leave a tip.

    Drive car
    Donate to charities

    THAT is the American way!