1. I gives me great concern that people have suggested that the oil companies give up a portion of their profits to overcome a short issue that in the long run of supply and demand will unravel the secret code to the future expense of gasoline. Which by the way none of of have any control over!! Here is the issue most people do not see because of ignorant bliss. Capitalism is our way of life, where everyone fights for the next raise, the better position, more money etc... and great companies don't just own a single entity in the market place. This leads to the uncovered issue that one or more of the other businesses is probably suffering losses due to the current state of clusterF that is going on from the most recent disaster. In my belief, these companies are the ones have put in the million of dollars and man hours to find a way to make this money and life, and one of the most selfish things we can ask them to do is to give up what they have died for in the past. Think further outside the box, most of us can more easily give up a percentage of our other spending habits than to ask a group of deserving multibillion dollar egomaniacs to give up some of theirs.
  2. Well when I buy gas in europe its about $5 so $3.50 doesnt sound to bad. That said I doubt seriously prices will go down much anytime soon, this has been coming for awhile. China is using more and more of the worlds oil and that means higher prices for us. On the other hand it also opens up jobs in the oil industry because at $70 a barrel US companies can afford to drill in the states. Still, how is it in this day and age of computer control, fuel injected cars/trucks/suv's that anybody is buying a car that gets 8-12 mpg in this day and age? I have wondered about that for awhile, might as well go back to the old carburated simple engine that joe blow could at least fix in the driveway.
  3. WHOA HOLD ON... I take it all back. I'll ready to argue now!!! :D

  4. Just keep in mind, you may pay $5 for a gallon of gasoline in europe but in average you make more money in europe as well! Minimum wage in most european countries is about $8-$9/hour, compared to barely $6/hour here in US.Also in US 90% of our vehicles are automatic, in europe more like 10% are auto, if even that.
  5. Can we say recession!
  6. Maybe if I were european but I am in the Army so that higher european wage doesnt apply to me. :bang:
  7. Let's not forget that most European countries are not Capitalist, they're Socialist. Places like Germany have heavy taxes tacked onto their gas prices. Only the upper middle class and the wealthy can afford to own cars like an '05 Mustang GT in Germany.
  8. "Yea not" what? Are you referring to conservation? Substitution is a basic economic principle. If the price of something you don't absolutely need reaches a point where it becomes prohibitive, people seek substitutes. You're only really screwed if viable substitutes aren't available. Fortunately, for most Americans there are viable substitutes to paying $60 to fill up your tank two or three times per week for your commute to work.

    I find it interesting that some Americans have historically made jest of the Chinese and some Europeans for their use of bicycles for primary transportation. They're not looking too stupid now, are they? :D
  9. Good for you Jenn! I rode my bike to the store this weekend to get a newspaper and other small items. You're right on about the exercise too ... something that way too many Americans are sorely lacking. One thing that struck me about the newscasts during Katrina's aftermath was how fat the population in that area is. It was shocking. :nono:
  10. You had me until ~ "as human beings we hold the ultimate control of both sides of this coin in our individual hand ,,, " :notnice:

    I'm reminded here of the words of the guru & philosopher, Homer Simpson >>>

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    " it's just a bunch of stuff that happened ... "
  11. LOL...Shooterm... You crack me up.... So, my friend, are you saying you are not a human being.. hahhahahahhaa..
    BTW.. Did you get my response in the GT tech on the rear lowering only kit? LOL... YOU WERE RIGHT....

    Come on..my patience paid off in this circumstance. I just got some gasoline and it was not $3.05 like it was last week.... You know I am right on this one Boss...

    Homer is my hero... We are twins actually.. LOL

  12. Mine too, and I find that he's often (quite unintentionally) wise in the ways of the world ~


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  13. I ride my mountain bike all the time. I always have, always will. On a good day I can get around faster than I would in my car. (shortcuts and passing stoped traffic) The only people I make fun of on bikes are the lance armstrong wannabees. They've got some kind of need to not ride in the bike lane like the rest of us. They're asking to get hit and they look like goobers in their tighty wear,... except the chics :nice:
  14. Berserker,

    I'm glad you find your bike as useful as your car. :D Parked in my garage along with my GT vert are a Specialized MTB and a custom scandium-frame road bike. Roadies are people too you know! :rlaugh: We have to use "tighty wear" because those road bike seats aren't built for comfort dude. I wouldn't be able to walk for at least a week if I rode 40 miles on the road without my trusty Pearl Izumi bibs. :p You're right that the bike lane is the safest place to be when cycling. Unfortunatley, only certain areas in SoCal have an extensive bike lane network. As for Lance wannabes, it's true that they're out there but you can't judge a wannabe by their shorts. :rlaugh: The guys that piss me off are the ones that come racing by in a pace line and not a single one of them calls it! That's like making a right turn from the far left lane in driving terms.
  15. Didn't Homer write The Iliad? There is a thin red line between stupidity and philosophy.

    Homer Simpson


    "If you really want something in this life you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the numbers."

    "It is better to watch things then to do them."


    "It is not possible to fight beyond your strength, even if you strive. "

    "Once harm has been done, even a fool understands it."

    Yep, pretty much the same thing. :rlaugh:
  16. The only problem with the alternative to paying those high gas prices is that most american cities are soooo spread out it is very prohibitive to use public transportation or to walk/bike. Most people commute one way over ten miles and dont think twice about driving that far to shop/eat whatever. Thats something you dont see in europe but most of their cities weir built before the dawn of the auto and its easier to get by without a car in several places, not the case in the states. I do wish we had the pedestrian mallls in our cities like they do over here tho.
  17. New York is also the exception... I never really needed a car in NY...

    Here in Cali... i forgot how to walk!!!!