5-lug, 8.8 And Cobra Brake Conversion

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  1. hi everyone, long time to see! i've been over on TF trying to get this motorswap finished up. the wiring has me stumped but im going to have someone finish it when i ship out later this month. BUT the next project as soon as im home is the 5-lug and Cobra brake swap. ive been looking at either a complete kit from 50 resto that would retain my stock 7.5" and 3.73's, or swapping in a complete rebuilt 8.8" with 3.55's like i want from a SN95. the issue i have with the SN96 axle is that im afraid with the size and offset of my wheels that there will be issues. they are 18x9 and 18x10 94-04 Saleens with 275/35 and 295/35. heres the kits that i was talking about. i would like to use the front kit and then swap in that axle, but again am not sure about clearance. heres the rear kit that imay end up using as well. and yes, i know if i buy the axle and not the kit i will need the master cylinder, etc, etc. the other question is it states that i will need 5.0 struts in the front. is that true? as i just purchased new 2.3 sets

    the other thing i have been comtemplating is trading the 10" for 9" and running a 275/35 all the way around. if the 295 on the 10" will give me issues, would the 275 on a 9"?



  2. I would love to help you pick what to get but this is a tough one. But if you want to know i plan on just getting everything from a Sn95 or new edge stang.Only thing i wont have a the cobra break set up.What kinda power do you plan on making and what engine?Just curious.
  3. its a 2.3T. rebuilt stock bottom end, the head has been ported/polished, big valved, and completely gone through with a BoPort 2.1 kit at Kotzur Racing. probably close to 250hp as is, maybe a little more. with the work that will be done with a custom ECU, intakes and bigger injectors and at some point a bigger turbo itll be in the 350-400 range. WCT5 behind it. the body needs paint and a little work, but the car only has 54k miles. after the suspension and finishing the wiring, and a few more little performance things the next big project will be t-tops and fresh paint

    as for wheels and tires, i think if i can find someone to swap my 10" for 2 more 9's im going to get with a set of 275 or 265 all the way around. when i do the brakes and 5-lug it will be getting rear control arms and new swaybars as well


  4. Beautiful ride man you should check out my coupe.I plan on just dropping a 84-86 tc engine in mine.Did you paint your molding or just use back to black?I have done both to mine but i need to still paint some spots.My passenger side window is all rough up so im think just use some sandpaper and see if i can smooth it out.
  5. the consensus i seem to be running across online seem to say a 18x9 will work in the back with the SN95 axle. i may have to roll the fenders, but not sure. anyone else have an opinion? and i've got 2 18x10 chrome Saleens in perfect condition with no bends im most likely looking to trade :) also have 295/35r18 KDW2's as well
  6. I was only planning on running 285/18 in the rear and 265/18 up front.
  7. i think i am going to run either 275's or 265's all the way around. i like the staggered look, but with as much as i drive i need to get a good amount of miles out of tires, and if i go with a set of Michelin AS+ i will get 45k+ out of them, warrantied. and i would like to be able to rotate. so thats the plan, trade the 10's for 9's or sell the set i have now for another set. and hopefully the 9's will clear with a SN95 axle
  8. I plan on using the same axle on mine and i love the staggered look too!
  9. if anyone else had any input feel free! so now i need to unload these wheels and tires or find someone to trade me. i'll either go with these 18x9 Saleens or the SVE drift in silver in 18x9, and going to use a Michelin AS+ in 265/35r18, possibly 275 but probably not. i'm shipping out in 3 weeks, and will be ordering all the parts before i get home so i can get it done as soon as im back!