5 Lug Conversion parts

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  1. Some 5 Lug conversion parts for sale:

    • SN95 Spindles 94-95, prefered spindle keeps Fox Geometry $100 + Shipping SOLD
    • SN95 Spindles '99 Non Cobra $50 + Shipping
    • Rear Custom Mounting Brackets Designed to fit Clip elim. $150 + Shipping
    • Used Anti-moan Brackets $25 + Shipping
    • Used SN95 94-95 Proportioning Valve, better option than using the Adjustable PV $50 Shipped
    • '93 Cobra Emergency-Park Brake cables. $60 + Shipping
    Scroll down for Pictures
    Thanks For looking
    Located in South Florida local pick up and save on shipping..

    '99 Spindles[/FONT] $50+Shipping

    Rear Mounting Brackets $150+Shipping

    Anti-Moan Brackets $25+Shipping
    Emergency/Park Brake cables '93 Cobra $60+Shipping
    95 GT PV $50 Shipped
  2. for the 95 spindles u still need to change out the calibers to sn95s also
  3. Yes that is correct,
    Fox calipers won't work
    I just sold a set of PBR calipers locally along with some other parts
    The above list is what I have left.
    SN95 calipers not hard to find, these 94-95 Spindles are though.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.