5 lug conversion ?'s

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ONEBADPNY, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. i found some 5 lug rotors on ebay that say you can convert to 5 lug with no other modifications. i will try to post a link. i know i need different axles too but i am going to stay with drums for now. are sn95 axles out of a 94-95 the same length? not to concerned about a high dollar setup right now. the auction number is 2448279616 sorry don't know how to post link
  2. the 94-95 rear axles are .75" wider. They will work but will stick out a lil. The front spindles from a 94-95 will work fine.
  3. Base your 5-lug on what wheels you want to run, then decided what options you have
  4. if your looking for a cheap conversion you can get an 8.8 posi
    out of an aerostar van but it has to be an electronic 4wd rig
    it has the 5 bolt pattern axles in it and you can use the whole rear if it
    isn't worn out. bolts in.
  5. The drivers side of the axle housing is shorter, therefore the pumpkin is offset to the left....

    And don't they use leaf springs?

    I've never hear of this, but it doesn't sound like it will work
  6. It wont on the 4 link rear.

    You can only use one axle and it has to be out of the 7.5 rear end.
  7. i've seen it used in my buddies stang and its stronger than a brick s&!t house. leaf springs in an aerostar??
    no they use coils.