5 Lug Conversion

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  1. i have a 1986 Mustang with the 4lug
    I was wondering what I would need to do the 5 lug conversion.
    (list of parts, possibly Prices)

    Thank You
  2. i got a set of SN-95 spindles,calipers and rotors for the front and mustang length axles(5lug) for the rear and your done.
  3. Will he have to switch over the front control arms to the newer 87-93 arms?
  4. pretty basic answer there...
    First of all, what wheels are you going to use? This has a huge effect on how you convert to 5 lugs. The are 2 different offsets for the SN95 spindles, and the best will depend on what wheels (backspacing) you want to run.
    The other factor is how much you have to spend. It certainly wouldn't be difficult spending 4k on spindles, brakes and wheels by any means. Just open up the ford racing catalog.
    Use this as your 5l conversion bible: http://svo73mm.cjb.net/
    It will show the differences between stock parts and other upgrades, helping you determine which brakes and spindles you want to use whatever wheels you have in mind.