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  1. :flag:I have the front rotors& the rear axels for a 88-93 5-lug conversion for 150.00+shipping or front rotor for 100.00+shipping .....My # is 276-7320620 or [email protected] Located in Central NC:D
  2. I have Pics

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  3. Make an offer...I don"t need these rotors anymore....someone need has to want to do a 5-lug conversion....These r direct fit justunbolt thr old & slap on the 5 lugs
  4. what did the front rotors come off of?
  5. I bought the 5 lug rotors from summitt.....had them about a year.....have maybe 6000 miles tops!!on them
  6. whats bottom dollar and what pads are replacement for these? thanks. LMK
  7. SOLD

    :D SOLD
  8. still have the rear axles/drums?
  9. Sold

    Nope all is SOLD
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