5 Lug Questions

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  1. So this weekend i may be picking up a rear axle from a 1994 GT (minus calipers and brackets-i can find those later)

    DO i need to get fox length axles or can i keep the 94 axles and retain the stock rear track width?

    Im slowly gathering 5 lug parts for a full conversion. Trying to gather all the hard parts (spindles, calipers, rotors, etc) and then work on getting all the plumbing stuff later.

  2. You have to use the 94' Axles. It will only be a hair wider. I don't know why you would want to have a narrower track in the back. All that can be adjusted by buying a wheel with the right back spacing anyway.

  3. Alright. Thanks!
  4. the sn axles are 3/4" wider per side, not exactly "a hair." but yes, they'll work, just watch your offset/backspacing.
  5. Ah okay. I was planning on running Cobra R's 17x9. Would that be the widest i could run on the back? I dont wanna go with 17x10's and have to beat in the inner fenderwell and what not just to get them to clear.
  6. a 17x9 in the standard sn95 offset should work, but it will stick out a hair, and most likely need the fenders rolled at least. you should be able to search this and see if it looks alright to you. frpp used to make a 17x9 cobra r specifically for this setup with less backspacing (the old m2300k kit uses sn axles), but theyve been discontinued for some time, and im not sure the aftermarket kept this up. also, if memory serves, s195 wheels will also work (or be close), but its been a couple years since i looked into this and my memory is a bit foggy.
  7. If you have to buy brackets anyway, i'd get the modified ones from North Race cars and run fox-lenght axles.

    The SN95 axles and brackets would push the wheels out 3/4". Sticking with the fox width will allow you a better selection of 9" or wider wheels.

    Ford did make 17x9's made for fox mustangs with SN95 rear track, but good luck finding a set.
  8. Id like to run bullits in 17x8 all the way around. I remember ford making a set, but i think they discontinued it for awhile, and looking around on the aftermarket yeilds little to no results.
  9. If you want to run 17x8 SN95 factory wheels, and are sure you'll be happy, then go with the SN95 brackets and axles to push the wheels out 3/4". The wider stance will improve handling.

    This will put the wheel out to the edge of the fender, but still clear it. Depending on ride height and tire size, you might need to roll the fender lips.

    This is the setup I have on my car and it rides fine. I have some 03-04 GT premium wheels (same as polised 01 cobra) and want to widen the rears by 1.5" to the inside as i'd love to have a 9.5" version of this wheel and run some big tires out back
  10. Yeah i was gonna roll the fender lip anyway. Better to be safe than sorry. Since im compiling all this out of used parts (save for master and plumbing), id like to keep costs down as much as possible, and i happen to like factory looking wheels on a fox. Im also thinking of running the Pony R wheels in 17x8 all the way around, since they would match nicely with my two tone paint job.
  11. So basically i decided to just do 5 lug rear drums and fox axles. Buying new fox length axles and the new NRC brackets is already pushing my budget. So to keep costs down im gonna stick with drums and then stockpile the rear disc stuff for later, and then eventually swap to rear discs. Ill be rebuilding the new axle and do gears while im at it. But thanks for everyones help. Good information.
  12. if youre really pinching coins and want to do fox axles with discs, the sn caliper brackets can be cut and moved to the inside of the opposite flange and made to work, may need a little washer shimming to center up, but from what ive heard the nrc brackets are the same way. actually kinda surprised nobody mentioned this before.
  13. another option would be to use 05 and up wheels as they have more back spacing iirc.
  14. OK so getting serious of going 5 lug, if I have stock 4 lug rear with Strange axles and C clip eliminators. Can I make the SN95 components work with my axle housing and axles (a 5 lug version of my existing axles)?

    for the fronts...I want to be able to run the 15" wheels but want to go 5 lug. I found one guy who has a the hubs and spindles. Another has cobra calipers. Cobra calipers are to big for run 15" welds wheels right?

  15. With C-clip eliminators, its hit or miss. I honestly do not know if SN95 compenents can work with them.

    Up front, if you want to stick with 15" wheels, you can't use the cobra brakes. Instead, run the 99-04 GT/V6 PBR caliper instead. It will clear 15"s, is alumium so it's lighter, and has a large clamping surface area.