5 Lug V8 Falcon/mustang Drums & Spindles

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  1. Here's a complete set of 5 lug drums & spindles for 65 Falcon or 65/66 Mustang. I do not know if these fit other years or not.

    Do the research yourself as these are sold as is.....please look at the spindle part numbers in the pictures.

    Now here's the deal.....If you want the whole set, $125.00 + shipping & I will ship these in 2 boxes due to the weight. That can be pricey depending on where you are located. Each one weighs about 25 lbs and that's a guess.

    If you just want just the spindles for that disk conversion, $100.00 + shipping in 1 box.

    You are welcome to stop by and get them if you're near me. I am located right off Interstate 95 about 75 miles south of Phila., Pa. or 25 miles north of Baltimore, Md.

    If you want the spindles glass bead blasted and painted satin black, add $15 for the pair.

    I will "NOT" bead blast the drums!!

    I will only take Paypal & ship in USA only.

    The payment to Paypal must be sent as a gift. This is to offset the fees that they charge.

    These are also listed for sale locally......

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  2. Would you sell just the two hubs that fit inside the drums? Thanks!
  3. I would only sell them with the drums attached. I don't have access to a press, & I'm not going to hammer them off & possibly damage them or the good drums.

    If you are still interested in just the from drums/hubs, let me know with your shipping zip code & I'll send you a price.

  4. No problem, I missed that you were only shipping in the USA. I'm in Canada and shipping those with drums would be pretty expensive anyways!
  5. do you still have these?
  6. No....sold
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