5 Speed Mustang Automatic vs 6 speed Camaro Automatic

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  1. I am debating a 2010 Mustang or 2010 Camaro. This time around I am doing an automatic. I owned a 2001 Mustang Automatic, but kept thinking how a real car guy would get a stick, so now I have a Nissan 350z manual now. It is great for speeding around but when your in hilly traffic I just assume have the automatic. I have read the automatic times of the Camaro are close to the manual (not sure how the Mustang compares) Huge plus, since I hate the idea of speed limiter but like the idea of easy driver.

    My question is....

    What is the difference between the 5 speed automatic on the Mustang and the 6 speed on the Camaro. I am not car wise enough to know how the translates into real driving. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I just read an article about the Mustang, Camero, and Challenger. The Camero had a higher top end and better fuel economy than the Mustang because of the extra gear. However, they were very close. The 6th gear is just a highway gear. The car will not wind out as bad going down the expressway. The rear gears were different as well, I think the Mustang had a higher rear gear. Buy the May or June 2009 MotorTrend, it has a full article on these cars and if you are interested in them, I would highly recommend reading it. If you choose to go with the Mustang, I have heard, but am not positive, the first half will come with 4.6 and half way through 2010 Ford is supposed to switch to a modular 5.0 that is supposed to be awsome, named the coyote, more power and near bulletproof. Just letting you know, if I was in the market for a 2010, I would wait. I have heard alot of bad about the camero as far as room and trunk space. A couple friends of mine have driven them and said they hated them. Then again, not too many people like the looks of the 2010 Mustang. Hope I helped you out with the decision. Just realized the cars in the articles were manual transmission, what an idiot, sorry.
  3. The 6th gear means a few things on the Camaro. First is highway MPG, as with a 6th gear the Camaro will likely exceed the mustang in that department.

    Also, (assuming t you are refering to the SS) the Camaro will have a hell of a gearing advantage in acceleration. If the A6 in the Cam is anthing like the one in the G8 or the Vette, that third gear on those is going to pull like a frieght train.
  4. The Camaro auto has paddle shifter on the wheel, while the mustang doesn't.
  5. Gear spacing is very good in the Mustang's 5R55S 5-speed automatic. It provides nearly the same acceleration as the Mustang's 5-speed manual. The Camaro's 6-speed automatic is a good trans - codeveloped with Ford, oddly enough. It's real advantage over the 5-speed is a little bit of fuel economy. 1st - 4th gears are about the same in both trannies, but 5th and 6th are both overdrives in the Camaro. However, the Mustang's smaller V8 and lighter weight offer more in terms of fuel economy than the 6-speed trans in the Camaro, so they get about the same mileage in the real world.

    The Ford 5R55S can be modded easily for real performance. Several stall converters are available (I chose one from Fuddle Racing that flashes to 3,800 rpm's in a naturally aspirated GT, or 4,800 rpm's with my Vortech supercharger). Makes for very violent launches at the dragstrip for awesome short times. There are milder stall converters available for cars that don't see as much track duty as mine. Also, rear end gears (especially 4.10's) really wake up the GT automatics and are easy/cheap to do. And, there is a ton of aftermarket goodies for the Mustang to reach any horsepower level you want for a reasonable cost. There aren't as many options to modify the Aussie-sourced, Canadian-built Camaros. Plus, carrying 400 lbs more than the Mustang means the Camaro also needs more brakes & suspension just to stop & handle on par with the Mustang.

    Go with the Mustang and get the automatic - you won't regret it!
  6. Motor Trend said if they gave awards out for Transmissions...the New 6 speed Chevy Tranny when win hands down. Honestly...I think you'll just have to drive both cars to really tell which one you like.
  7. If you're really stuck on having a six speed auto than just wait until Fords New Six Speed Select Shift transmission comes in the stang.
    It does have paddle shifters as well of course. Ford already announced that 100% of the automatics will have 6 Speed auto transmissions available by 2013 or end of 2012 (see below on they're plans for this tranny/drivetrain. Assuming everything they say at this point is fact. They already updated the rear end gears and this drive train since it was first available. I have pics of the before and after shots if anyone is curious as well as some additional specs.

    Going forward, advanced six-speed transmissions, along with EcoBoost engine technology, will continue to dominate Ford’s sustainability strategy. By the end of 2012, nearly 100 percent of Ford’s North American transmissions will be advanced six-speed gearboxes. By 2013, more than 90 percent of Ford’s North American vehicle lineup will offer EcoBoost technology.

    The 6F-55 is produced at Ford’s Van Dyke Transmission Plant in Sterling Heights, Mich., which also produces the 6F-50 and 6F-35. The Van Dyke plant is one of three Ford six-speed transmission Centers of Excellence.