50-state legal catalytic converter X-pipe - $400 off Magnaflow pricing


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May 17, 2005
San Diego, CA
I just stumbled upon this deal, and I wanted to pass along the information to anyone who wants to save some money and still get Magnaflow parts.

If you didn't read my build thread (here), I live in CA and the 2001 Bullitt that I purchased has had the cats gutted in the past. This won't pass CA smog, so I went shopping. Magnaflow makes a 50-state legal direct fit cat'd X-pipe. Everywhere I looked, it was for sale for $1281 (LMR, Autozone, Amazon, etc). RockAuto also sells a 50-state legal direct fit cat'd X-pipe by a manufacturer Bosal, which I never heard of, for a much better price... $400+ cheaper.


More research, the Bosal part and the Magnaflow part carry the same California Air Resource Board Executive Order # D-193-97, which means that these should be the same parts. I ordered the Bosal ones from Rock Auto, and unboxed them last night. My suspicion was confirmed. Everything is Magnaflow branded.




So if anyone in California (or anyone who needs a 50-state legal part) is in need, go snag them from Rock Auto. Not sure how long this price will be there, but wanted to bring it to people's attention.

FYI. I don't work for Rock Auto, or any of the other distributors. Just found this smoking deal and wanted to raise awareness.
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