$500 for Power Upgrade(s)

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  1. I drive an '07 GT convertible. Has an X-Cal 2 tune and Steeda cold air as well as an "x" pipe with dual American Thunder mufflers WITHOUT catalyctic converters (not required in Florida). Any of y'all know how I can get a nice powr boost for $500 or less? Thanks...your advice is always excellent.:SNSign:
  2. Maybe some new gears?

    Auto and I would look at some 3.90's or 4.10's...

    Stick, I would look at either 4.10's or 4.30's depending or your plans for the future..
  3. How about some Steeda Underdrive Pullies and some CMCV deletes.
  4. 4.10s get my vote.

    They wont boost power but your acceleration will improve better than any other mod you can do besides a SC. Best $500 i ever spent. it "feels" like a 50 hp gain.

    But if you want to boost HP get some UDP and CMCV's.

    another suggesion would be to have a custom dyno tune session with your local performance shop.
  5. I would just drop another couple hundred, and get some nitrous, thats what I am about to do:D
  6. Long Tubes. Little more than $500 bucks but they are worth it.
  7. gears will cut it close to your $500 budget if yopu have someone install them for you, but i think this is the best mod for the money outside of the CAI/tune you already have.

    if you get CMCV delete plates, you will need a new tune to go with it. a good tune from doug or brent and the plates will be under $500.

    an underdrive pulley kit is a good mod as well for about $200. you can install it yourself if you follow the link in my signature.
  8. I seriously have thought it over, and the money you spend to get 2-5 hp at the wheels, atleast to me just isn't worth it. Gears, tune/cai are must do's after that I think the best route is power adder. As I said in my previos post, brenspeed has a kit for a little over $500. Up to 175 hp for $500+ vs $200 for delete plates, or udp's only to get a few ponys and better throttle response, not my cup of tea.

    That or get tires, that would actually shave off at least a tenth or two off your et's. My 2 pennies:shrug: