$500 fox body..HELP! need quick answers

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  1. alright a friend of mine said he would sell me his fox for $500 cuz its sitting in a towing yard right now and he doesnt wanna pay the fee's. its a black 89lx has a 306 trickflow heads, cam and im not sure about the intake along with full exhaust and the regular bolt-ons. the catch is the motor doesnt hold compression. should i try and buy it. and friend said he would split the cost with me if he got the body and i could have the motor but im not sure if thats a good idea. thanks in advance. :SNSign:
  2. hell yeah u should buy it...worst coems to worst it costs u each 250 u can part the car and make more then that..what tranny does he have and if the body is in good shape i would take that if i were u..but if ur friend has to take the body..u just scored tfs heads and cam for 250!!nothin to think about
  3. definitely buy it. either fix it or just part it out. You can make your $500 back plus more on the heads alone.
  4. them heads are worth 800+ so its worth it!