500+hp 88 LX Hatch, $17k invested, $8500 NJ

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  1. Price update: 1 more shot then it gets parted. Best offer over $6500 takes it right now. I was just driving it last week so it's ready to go! Call if interested, I don't check back here often.

    If interested please call or text, I don't check back often. Matt 848-250-3006,

    88 LX hatch, original 5.0 5sp car, really clean looking car, body's in fair shape, floors are 100% SOLID, there's one small rust spot at the top back of the roof and 1 under the driver's door, that's it. Bunch of small rock chips in the front bumper, small scratch spot on the hood. Mechanically it's all there. Car has weld drag lites, slicks & skinnies, I just bought them for the car 6 months back used, also has pony wheels w/good front tires & bald drag radials, have stock seats to go with it and a few odds & ends.

    All mods have about 8k miles on them MAX and most haven't seen full throttle at all. Motor's seen 5 or so track runs, drivetrain hasn't seen ANY. I unfortunately never got to enjoy the car much. Many parts are only 500 miles old. Mechanically it's basically been restored. Paint is 7 out of 10, it was done in 99 but still shines up nice, few rust bubbles but nothing bad. Car polishes up damn respectible.

    It put down a legit 500rwhp with more boost and a bench tune at what used to be Crazy Horse in South Amboy, NJ. I dropped the boost to try and make it more usable on the street. It's got a decent tune right now but it's rich to be safe, (done by Job Spetter Jr. of Turbo People). All mods have at most 8k miles on them, many have way less, as is I've sunk well over $6000 in the car this past 2 years.

    -Motor consists of a virgin 27,000 original mile 93 stock short block(all mods were added at 23k orig miles), entire motor/computer/fuel system were taken from a mid 10 second full caged notch. The motor was running mid 10's at high 120mph range in the notch, and that's before a lot of what's done now(since then all the following was done: all new ignition components, new upper/lower intake w/spacer, bigger throttle body/spacer, bigger injectors, better fuel pump, new computer and tune.

    Performance Mods:
    -Bone Stock 93 Short Block with 27,000 Original Miles
    -Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Aluminum Heads
    -1.72 Ford Motorsport Roller Rockers
    -Hardened Pushrods
    -Mac 1 3/4 Full Length Headers
    -3" Prochamber H-pipe
    -Flowmaster 40 Series Cat-Back
    -Vortech V1 S-trim Supercharger
    -Vortech Race By-pass Valve
    -Anderson Ford 4 inch Power-pipe
    -Accel Gen 7 DFI Computer (BRAND NEW & tuned by Job Spetter Jr. of Turbo People)
    -Trick Flow Track Heat Upper/Lower Intake (6 months old)
    -1" Phenolic Intake Spacer (6 months old)
    -Professional Products 75mm Polished Throttle Body/EGR Spacer (6 months old)
    -Ultradyne Cam (284/284/-525-525)
    -Motorsport Doulbe Roller Timing Chain
    -MSD 6AL Ingnition (6 months old)
    -MSD Distributor (just rebuilt)
    -MSD Blaster SS Coil(6 months old)
    -Taylor 10.4mm Race Wires
    -NGK Race Spark Plugs (just done)
    -Edelbrock High-flow Aluminum Water Pump (1 year old, 10k miles max)
    -Fluidamper Damper
    -Downs 3 Core Aluminum Radiator (1 year old)
    -Aeromotive A1000 In Line Fuel Pump (hidden in front of the fuel tank, 9 months old)
    -72lb Injectors (9 months old)
    -Modified Stock Fuel Rails
    -Paxton Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
    -Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines (9 months old)
    -PA Performance 100 amp Alternator
    -Battery Relocation Kit (done the RIGHT way, used welding cable, not the cheap cable that comes with the kit)
    -Optima Red Top Battery
    -Moroso Battery Shut-off Switch
    -Tremec Base T-5(just like World Class I believe, in the car about 1.5 years, only has about 5k miles on it and hasn't seen full throttle at all yet, same for clutch/flywheel)
    -Polyurethane Trans Mount
    -King Cobra Clutch
    -Aluminum Flywheel
    -Pro 5.0 Shifter
    -Aluminum Driveshaft
    -Lakewood Driveshaft Safety Loop
    -Eibach Pro Kit (1.5" Lowering springs)
    -Wolfe Racecraft Anti-roll Bar (Installed by Coast Chassis, front sway bar removed)
    -KYB AGX 8 Way Adjustable Rear Shocks
    -KYB 4 Way Adjustable Front Struts
    -QA1 Adjustable Caster/Camber Plates
    -BBK Gripp Upper/Lower Rear Control Arms
    -Reinforced Torque Boxes
    -Aftermarket Posi (Eaton I think, can't remember)
    -Strange 31sp Axles w/extended Studs
    -Ford Motorsport 4:10 Gears
    -SSBC Front Brake Kit (slotted rotors, bigger calipers, all are new but need to be cleaned as it’s been sitting and has surface rust on the rotors)
    -Stainless Brake Lines

    Appearance Mods:
    -Boysenberry "Blue" Paint (it's definately more purple)
    -Cervinis 2.5" Cowl Hood
    -Indiglo 140mph Gauge Cluster w/custom Gloss Black Overlay Plate
    -Grant Wood Steering Wheel (adds a slightly retro-mod look to it)
    -Black Ball Shift Knob
    -Flaming Pony Dash Plaque
    -6 Piece Smoked Headlight Lenses
    -20% Tint All Around With Tint Across Top Windshield
    -HVAC Vents Painted Gloss Black
    -Shift Bezel/HVAC Control Cover Painted Gloss Black
    -Pony Emblem Above 5.0 Emblems
    -Ventshade Rain Guards
    -Black Chrome Fire Extinguisher

    -Autometer Tach Pod
    -Autometer Triple A-pillar Gauge Pod
    -Autometer 5" Monster Tach w/Shift Light
    -Autometer Boost Gauge
    -Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge
    -Autometer Water Temp Gauge
    -Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
    -Autometer Fuel Level Gauge
    -Pioneer CD Player (not wired up yet)
    -Infinity Reference 5x7 Rear Speakers
    -Custom door fittings for 6.5 speakers(professionally done by a guy I previously sold the car to...he owned a car audio business)

    Other New Parts:
    -Master Cylinder (6 months old, no mileage)
    -Power Steering Rack (6 months old, no mileage)
    -Steering Rag Joint (6 months old)
    -Alternator Just Redone (2 months old)
    -100% Distributor Rebuild (3 months old)
    -Outer Tie Rod Ends (6 months old, no mileage).
  2. Sorry for the quality but these are the newer pics...

    Older ones...intake, tubing, and rad shroud have been powdercoated black now, and carpet has been replaced with black, no longer have the Cobra R's

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  3. will consider serious and reasonable cash offers
  4. New pics, as of 9/17/2011.

  5. More pics, taken 9/30/2011.

  6. Price update: $7500 firm as it sits, with NO SPARE PARTS, or $7000 firm on stock pony wheels. This is the bottom line, if it doesn't sell for this it's either never selling or getting parted out. Someone take advantage.
  7. nice

    Nice saturday night special there. Any interest in a bike? 08 B King?

  8. Nah, sorry, not looking to trade
  9. BUMP! Come on people, with the price update you'll never see a car built like this anywhere's near this cheap. It'd break my heart to have to part this car out...please don't make me do it.
  10. Hard to believe you're running bald street slicks but have "never hit full throttle".
    Everyone always talks like their car has been built-up but has never been driven and I see that as a red flag.
  11. Well, don't buy the car then. The only 2 sets of wheels I have for the car were BOUGHT, and not even that long ago. And I think I mentioned that. The pony wheels aren't the ones that came with, nor were they ever ACTUALLY ON this car. The welds, also bought, have nearly new drag slicks on them. Next time you have a question, PM instead of cluttering my thread with stupid.

    I've probably sold more stangs in my life than you've owned, and still keep in touch with the majority of people that own them. My rep speaks for itself, I don't BS and I've got nothing to hide. You don't believe that, keep your comments to yourself and hit the big X at top right.
  12. I expected that type of response. Let's be honest, who builds a car and doesn't see what it can do.
    You can't tell if a car responds well to a tune unless you hit full throttle. Good luck to you.
  13. Nice car I hope it sells, since I have one that is also for sale. But, unfortunately this site is not good for selling or trading cars. Its more for people to just talk. No serious people on here. I've had mine for sale for a while now and got no responses. You are better off just keeping it, like I chose to do. Most of the morons on this site are dreamers and bs-ers. I too buy and sell fox body cars and people never want to pay what they are worth. Everyone wants something for nothing. Anyways, nice car and good luck to you. Tyler of TVCustoms
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  14. still for sale?
  15. Still here, no one's even seen it yet.
  16. Dude, don't sell that car. Take the wheels off and the battery out, drain the fluids and store it. Hell, park it in your garage and cover it and forget about it. 10-20 years from now, you will be glad you did. Take it from someone who gets rid of (and ALWAYS regrets) fox body stangs all the time. I finally learned my lesson, though: even though I'm a bit bored of my stang, and I could use the money, I'm just gonna hang onto it. Even if your car needs a few things to be perfect, or you're just tired of working on it, HANG ONTO THAT CAR.
  17. Final price update. Buy it before I part it!! Matt 848-250-3006
  18. saw this car on CL and now here. hell of a ride. I'm local and may consider buying if all else falls through. looking at a couple rides right now
  19. Is the car for sale yet?? not in pieces??
  20. id suggest calling him
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