500 Miles After R & P Install

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by rockyracoon, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Im getting ready to R & R the gear oil and I would like to also at that time run a pattern check. Will I get a true pattern with the axles and driveshaft intact ? im guessing it will be ok since it will be adding some load but I wanted to make sure.
  2. I would disconnect the drive shaft at least.
  3. I am still wondering why you are checking the pattern after 500 miles actually. :shrug: The gears are broken in already. I suppose if they are way off, you could still make an adjustment and possibly have a longer life from the gearset, but that would have been a good thing to check before buttoning up the rear and driving.
  4. No I did check it before initially buttoning it up but I figure at this point ( 500 mile fluid change ) I again have the cover off , so why not check it and be totally sure nothing has changed. Its not gonna cost me anything other than a little marking compoung and a little time to clean off the ring on 3 or 4 teeth. I guess im a little too anal. but I can appreciate your position. as I always do with your posts. You may not know it but I was a member of turboford back in the day and you were one of the guys that I highly looked up to when I was first getting into the scene.

    And to take it even one step further my car does make what I would call tire noise but not to me gear whine mor like a wa, wa, wa sound however it did that before I did the 410 swap with complete rebuild including trac lok and all bearings associated to a ford 8.8. so I guess im a little paranoid. I think the noise im hearing is from the tires I have. (PRIMEWELLS) or maybe a hub bearing up front.