$500 price increase

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Elijahbird7, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I was looking at a GT coupe premium this past weekend at the dealer. The base price was $30,995. I went online yesterday to "build and price" at the Ford website, and noticed that the base price now listed is $31,495. Doesn't make the $1000 rebate all that attractive..
  2. Was the $30,995 the actual sticker or did that include any dealer add ons such as tint? What were the options? It's possible you could have missed one. If I remember correctly the comfort package was like $500 when I ordered mine.
  3. No, the "standard vehicle price" at the top right of the window sticker before any of the options were added.
  4. The base price for a GT Premium on the "build your own" part of Ford's website shows a price of $31,495, but as you click through to add options, the base price goes back down to $30,995, so who knows what Ford is thinking.
  5. I just keyed into Ford's ordering system, and the base MSRP before options is still $30,995 for a '10 GT Premium Coupe. Add the $850 destination and delivery charge and the total MSRP before options is $31,845.

    Ford announces pricing changes every 3 months (quarterly) and October 1st is one of those dates, so maybe there's a change on the horizon next week?
  6. The $31,495 is not on the site now.. so who knows.