500+ rwhp + stock block = this

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  1. I built this for a customer over 6 years ago, basic forged 331 AFR 185, small blower can, gt40 intake and 12psi of intercooled STRIM boost.

    Cracked lifter valley, #2,3 and 4 main, broke can in half. Funny thing is the rotating assembly, bearings, lifters and all parts look great. Only symptoms we had were 4 dead cylinders, hell it even sounded normal while running.

    Wildest thing I've ever encountered thought I'd share...

    The new Dart block with some other goodies will be just fine ;)

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  2. Broken cam sure is neat. I had one a few years ago the cracked the block: mains, cam journals and lifter valley had 2 cam bearings fall out and the only clue we had was 8 psi of oil pressure, he'll we drove it 30 minutes home from the track like that. All in all no one can say that these things aren't incredible.
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  3. Yeah it was carrying 35psi at idle and 50psi when I blipped the throttle. 2nd cam bearing was out, 3rd and 4th were slid out and beat up.

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  4. It actually idled with a broken cam? Any bent valves in the heads? That's neat, lol.
  5. buddy of mine broke the cam in his pulling truck and it still ran fine. didnt know it was broke till he went to change cams
  6. Daaaaaamn!!! Carnage, I love it!!!!
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  7. I'd say he got his money's worth out of that block. 500hp on a stock block for 6 years..lol. Damn, you build some good stuff there Sir. :flag:
  8. That right there is why I don't think I'd ever bother to put nice parts in a stock roller 302 block! Hell I'm building a 351 and I'm still probably going to run the stock crank at a minimum haha.
  9. hope mine lasts as long!
  10. Wow ....Fortunate he didn't end up with a pile of scrap metal. So that rotating assembly can be reused?
  11. bth_wandasbrokenmotor013.jpg bth_wandasbrokenmotor021.jpg bth_wandasbrokenmotor017.jpg bth_wandasbrokenmotor012.jpg

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  12. Mine after 4 years of running no warning but a miss and a thump followed by oh :poo: oh :poo: as the car got water and oil under the rear tires. no complaints at all. many runs and street miles dont know the HP numbers but it gave up when I put the 17 psi pulley on it LOL It now has a R block.. it was running lows 11 high 10s all stock short block but the pistons, rod bolts and a f-cam.
    Hey Rick how you been?

  13. Well that does make for an easy cam swap

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  14. LOL you think!! the cam and a few pistons was all that made it and My heads thankful of that.
  15. come on Rick, work your magic and weld that thing back fogether! :cool:
  16. its iron not aluminum man!
  17. fuggit, weld her up :rolleyes:
  18. We see this question asked what.... 2 or 3 time a week?

  19. Sooo, does this mean that 500hp is the limit for a stock block???