50oz flexplate

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  1. Im putting in a 90's roller motor and i need a 50oz flexplate. Where can i get one? Ive heard good and bad things about art carr. Is it also true that im going to have to change to another starter? Any help or tips would be great
  2. Can any one help me???? Also one more thing how many teeth does the flexplate have to have????
  3. Art Carr is about the only place you can buy one, when I did my Cobra I called B&M and they don't make one anymore. MIne was a 141 tooth 50 ounce flexplate for $130 and I had to grind the cage around the input shaft of my started to clear the weight. I'd never do it again, from now on if I were to use a roller motor i'd just use a T5
  4. Is it possible to get flexplates rebalanced to 50 oz?
  5. well... scientists have teleported quarks

  6. take your crankshaft, Harmonic balancer, flexplate to a machine shop

    be sure you get a 50 oz balancer and crank also they can match your parts balancing and blueprinting also some shops like you to carry the pistons and rods
  7. A local shop I deal with wanted me to bring the complete short block in to rebalance the flexplate to 50 oz.
  8. I got mine rebalanced to 50oz the shop charged me $35.00. I tryed to grind the nose on the starter but the weight was hitting the bendix so I had to get a mini starter that only the gear came out,I think the name was BigEnd I have the part # if you go that way. :nice:
  9. Hey I see your in Chicago...The place I used was PER in Plainfield Il....He has a open house/carshow in sat. June 26th 12:00 til 6:00,he's on rt.59 one block south of 119st on andrews(turn left on andrews off rt59) I will be there til 2:00 :spot: Randy is a really good guy to deal with!
  10. ive heard this question come up a million times and answered with many arguements..it is a fact you do not need anything but a flywheel/flexplate
    to have it re-balanced from 50 to 28 or vise-versa.. if you get someone
    who says they need all engine block internals, you got the wrong guy on the
    its a fact ford made only two PRODUCTION type 302 balances 28oz and 50oz.
    ford did not make a different 28oz balance for me and a different 28oz
    balance for you..many reputable machine shops can do this procedure
    with their eyes closed, and well under $100.00
    commonly they charge $60. which is about one hours labor..
    i have in my garage a 50oz (balanced) to 28oz and could take a pic of it
    friday night..
  11. Sorry guys for not responding sooner. Ive been on Vacation and had no access to a computer. So if i have iot rebalanced then i have to grind down the cage of the starter??? Will it be very noticeable what i need to grind down. Does anyone have any pics of this??
    Revenge1977 do you hjave the number of that shop that can rebalance my original flexplate???
    thanks every one,