50Restos Wheel kit question

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  1. Just recently sold the wheels/tires in my sig. Now I'm looking at putting some old school Pony wheels on it. You guys were right, my car looks better more stock. I have been looking at the pony wheel kit from 50resto with the Sumitomo HTR+ 245/50/16's. The wheels are Ford Racing.
    Anybody had any good or bad luck with these wheels or tires or getting the kits from them?

    Also I had 225/55/r16;s on her and they fit ok, Will these 245/50s have any fit issues?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You might have some rubbing in the front with the wider tires. the GT's had stops on the steering rack to limit the turning that the 4cyl's didn't have. I put stock size tires on stock pony rims and they fit just fine. The pony's really are the best looking wheel for a fox IMO. As for the ford racing wheels. I doubt they are any different then the standard pony's. The wheels actually made by ford have always seemed of better quality to me.

  3. Dr, when you say stock size tires, do you mean 225/55r16's,,,, thats what I'm showing was stock on 93 mustangs according to the ford sales brochure on pony rims. In comparison between the 245/50 vs 225/55. the 245's are a smidgen shorter, but 3/4" wider.

    Do you think the wider part, tread width, is what I might have an issue with, without the steering limiters?
  4. Yeah, i believe i am running 225/5516's and on real tight turns they come very close to rubbing. I think the extra width could be a problem in the front on tight turns. Plus you really don't need any wider then that, even with a turbo the 225/55 is plenty.

  5. I still haven't decided for sure what I am going to do, but I am with you. I know the kit comes with 245/50, but I really don't want any bigger than 225/55. Besides, that was what the ford brochure shows was the tire size for the ponys. I know with the wheels I had before, on really tight turns they would rub a little on the drivers side, but just on the plastic inner fender. I am holding off some on doing anything, got to watch my money first. Thanks for your help.

    Are u still going to SIU? I graduated there in 93 and drove from Marion daily in a 92 Bimini,:)