1. good night... thats all :sleep:
  2. don't let the bed bugs bite

  3. or this guy :lol:
  4. I don't have any teeth :rlaugh:

  5. :D
  6. :rlaugh:
  7. Boo Yah!
  8. I just realized, you live in a city called "carmel"

    i'm easily impressed
  9. Damn Zach, you're the thread whore of the talk section. 4 threads a second.

  10. city? LOL its smaller that stprorollas.......ill stop there :D

    i dont get it :shrug:
  11. he's trying to sleep :(
  12. better watch what ya'll say his Boyfriend might get ****ed off if he sees this
  13. wytstang??
  14. whos boyfreind?
  15. mine, and yes wytestang will kick your ass if you dont watch out :p

    oh yea, good morning :D
  16. wystang and 1105 sitting in a tree, s...u.., ok, ok now, k..i..ss,

    ok that's enough

  17. :lol: Thats funny
  18. damn... and I got my hopes up for nothing :(