56k warn..even more pics, sorry about the vw

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  1. Ever since I saw that orange color back in early 04 I loved it..that with the screaming yellow, the sonic blue, made a ford dealership look like skittles parked across the front the lot:rlaugh:
  2. :eek:
  3. Love that color on your Mustang :nice: and the wheels fit your car well
    not too sure about the blue calipers though

  4. yup its a love/hate thing. not sure why but i love the orange with the blue. hence the rear emblem.
  5. The 4.6L thing? Thats blue?
  6. looks good man :nice:

  7. yes sir..

  8. thanks

    where have you been.???

    not much activity lately
  9. school, then work. By the time I get home Im too tired to be the SN addict I once was. Finals are this week so I'll be around in the mornings on days when Im not out golfing or working on the steed. Gotta pay the bills and save up for those rims/tires. I might* buy the rims today, but damn tires are gonna be more than the rims :nonono:
  10. The more I look at your orange mustang the more i realize how good the black mach 1 chin spoiler would look

  11. after all this time, i still dont know what wheels you are getting. did you see the deal on tires from mustangtuning.
    yup i know the pain from work. just bought my first home in jan. amd holy crap a house is a money grubbing ****..:mad: :mad: but i would not change it for the world.
    what tires are you getting..:shrug:
  12. do you have another picture of the center console, it looks strange but I like it...

    anyway Very nice car!!!! The paints color's not too shabby too (even though it's a little different) :)
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/18-9...emQQcategoryZ43958QQitemZ8061228779QQtcZphoto

    dont hate me, they look hawt on Torch Red. I'll probably get the Sumi's from MustangTuning, bc honestly they're the cheapest I can find in 285/295 width. I'd like to get some BFG KDW2's, but the extra money I'd spend on them would cover a good chunk of my power bill.
  14. Stang looks good man. I really like the wheels.
  15. Hey Fluffy,

    Car looks good man, I personally would do an orange/black scheme, but that is just me. Wheels look good on the car too, but what springs do you have again?? I thought I remember you having the Eibachs, but I think my Pro-Kit lowered my stang a little more than yours...:shrug: I really like the way mine handles though!! What color interior did the orange stangs come in?? Looks good man.:nice:

  16. will you just get them....i have been waiting 4yrs 3months and 2 days for you to get them.:nice: :nice:

    they look bad ass
  17. yup eibach, for some reason mine did not lower as much as others..:shrug:

  18. alllrighty you asked for it, i love it. most hate it..:shrug: custom from redlinegoods.com.
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