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  1. a lil early but,
    anyone looking forward of the new 5spd auto. im not sure if i want the manual or auto b/c I live in a hilly, populated area; though the GT im getting will only be my weekend racer.
  2. I don't care too much for the 5spd auto, but am dissapointed Ford isn't giving the GT a 6spd option. 5spd manual? That's so 80's.
  3. Here we go again. If you want to buy a 6 speed manual go and buy a Corvette. There is no way in hell that the price of the new 2005+ Mustang GT will be reasonable and affordable if you whiners in here keep asking for a 6 speed. The 6 speed will bring the Mustang into a different price category and the car will cost at least $5K to $10K more than it does now. What Ford is offerring in the new 2005+ Mustang GT is ENOUGH. The newer 4.6L engine and its 300HP is enough. If you start asking for more this car will be unaffordable to many people in here. Be realistic and stop asking for things like a 6 speed manual, 5.0L, 5.4L, IRS, and other BS. If Ford puts all this stuff into the Mustang it will end up costing over $40K-$45K grand if not more than that. All that I ask for is for you dreamers out there who have no clue about cost and affordability to stop asking for too much. If you want more be prepared to pay a LOT LOT more. The Mustang is supposed to be an AFFORDABLE car for everybody. It's the ONLY muscle car that's left which is still built that is still affordable. Don't let the Mustang become as expensive as the Corvette all because you want it to have whatever the Corvette has. It's stupid if you do.
  4. The mustang has had a 5 speed all through the 90's as well.
  5. The 5 speed auto will be a VERY nice improvement over the old 4 speed auto because it gives you a lower 1st gear ratio, of 3.23:1 verses 2.84:1 on the old 4 speed auto.

    This means that if the rear end stays the same at 3.27:1, with the 5 speed auto, when accelerating from stop the 2005 Mustang will run like it has 3:72 gears in in it. In other words it will be a lot faster off the line.

    However on a manual trannie, I don't see much need or use for a 6 speed trannie, especially with the additional torque the 3V motor has. The only thing the 6 speed trannie has is an extra OD ratio of .8, which I see as being of not al that much use. The differential in ratios from 1st to 5th for the 5 speed and 1st - 6th for the 6 speed are the same, which will not make a 6 speed Mustang any faster.

    Seems to me that a lot of people who are asking for a 6 speed just want it to make sure that their friends with a 350Z don't have more gears than their Mustang. The more torque you have, the fewer gears you need.
  6. The 5spd auto would be a good if it was a 5spd auto worth having. The 5R55 line of trannys are junk. They have tons of problems in the 2002+ explorers that I get the joy of working on everyday now. Don't plan on doing many mods to the auto 05 stangs without grenading a few trannys.
  7. 6 speed is a status symbol.

    I have a 5 speed automatic in my Grand Cherokee, I guess I can't complain. It also has 3.73's

    Maybe since Ford is going Retro w/ the new Mustang, they should have made it have an updated Toploader 4 speed w/ a Hurst Shifter. I bet that would make some of you whine... But stick some 3.89 Gears in it, hell - 3.55 like the current Cobra, and I'd be a very satisfied person. That would be retro. A 4 spd. manual, and a 2-3 Speed Auto.

    Not efficient you say? Well whats an extra gear that gets .8 and also adds probably $2-3,000 to the price tag do for the efficiency?
  8. It's not the 350Z thing that bothers me, but the FBody has had a 6 speed since 93!!!
  9. Which just goes too show you can't please everyone. Seriously though folks. From what I've seen the 6 speed is more expensive than the 5 speeds. So to keep the mustang affordable they chose a 5. Everyone here know what would have happened if they hadd to raise thee price to put a 6 speed in. People would complain about how expensive the car was. And how that was going to kill the mustang. If you look around people are already doing it. As far as I am concerned they did good. Maybe not perfectbut definately well enough for me to buy. I could care less if the 350z has a 6 speed. It's base model starts out at more than the gt is reportedly going to. I could care less bout the f-body it's dead.
    But most importantly. Who here has decided that the only reason they are not buying one right away. Is because it does not have a 6 speed? I'm not talking wait a year. I'm not talking buy one used. I'm talking first year prodution goig as soon as you can to the dealer and ordering one.
  10. Yep. I wouldn't want a 6 in this kind of car.

    Bummer. :notnice:
  11. Why don't you quit your whining? I'll ask for what ever i damn please. A 6spd is not too much to ask for. It's basically the standard now, yet Ford is still dicking around with the 5spd.

    Like it was already stated, Z28's have had them since 1993, and guess what? Not only did they have a more powerful motors and a stronger 6spd, but they were priced right with the GT's as well. Not only that, but you'll find 6spd in a host of sporty cars costing as low as the mid to high teens. Ex: $18k SVT Focus.

    I doubt a 6spd would up the price that much. At least any more than a 5spd Auto? :rolleyes:.

    And no, i won't be buying a vette, but you can bet that a 2007 or whatever 5th gen camaro with a 6spd would be on my consideration list. And i hear they'll all get IRS accross the board which also bring me to my next dissapointment with the 05...the live axle.

    S*it, just make IRS and 6spd optional at the least. That way, us buyers have that option from the factory.
  12. Why does everyone think a 6 speed is the god almighty transmission of them all? I know of plenty of 4 speed cars that will kick a 6 speeds ass any day of the week.

    All the ricers think just because their car has a 6 speed, it's automatically cool and fast...:nonono:
  13. I know that. They also had live axles (except 99+ Cobra), a modfied fox chassis thats older than me, as well as a dated and cheap interior. Don't get me wrong, I love my car, but not everything it had was upto industry standards. I guess a 5spd was acceptable in the fox and Sn95 cars, but a 2005+???

    Things like 6spd, IRS, and decent interiors are basic standards in most "modern" performance applications. Its about keeping up with the times. I was hoping they'd fix a lot of that with the 05. I like the exterior and love the interior as well as the new modern chassis, but was a little dissapointed with them sticking with the 5spd and Live axle. How many 2004+ cars can you name that come with live axles? Ford can find ways to put full independant suspensions, good interior, and a notchy 6spd into a 18k focus yet can't manage to do that with a GT costing $8-10k more? That's no excuse.
  14. And how streetable, fuel effiecient, and smooth are those 4spd??? I thought so.

    I personally don't want just any 6spd, i want the T56. Go drive an 03 Cobra with one, and you'll see why it's better than the 5spd we're used to having in mustangs. For the last few decades, that has been the weakest link in the mustang.

    That and the lower 6th gear would come in handy for those of us who run shorter gearing and still want to maintain some sort of dail drivibility and fuel economy.

  15. The T-3650 used in the 2001 - 2004 GT and the T56 used in the 2003 0 22004 Cobra have the exact same OD ratio, which is .62.

    Again the primary difference is the Cobra T-56 has another OD gear that is .80.

    The T56 as used in the Cobra also has a taller 1st gear than the T-3560 so the exact same T56 would not be a good match to the GT engine.

    By the way, taller = lower number. Lower = higher number.

    Lower & shorter are 2 names for the same thing.

    Taller & higher are also 2 names for the same thing.

    A 4.10 rear end is "lower" than a 3.27 rear end. Or conversely a 3.27 rear end is "taller" than a 4.10 rear end. The semantics come from the old days (early 1900's) of 2 speed gear boxes. 1st was "Low gear" and 2nd was "high gear".
  16. Ok so if ford added IRS and a 6 speed you would go immediately out to but one. No considering other cars. The mustang and only the mustang right now?
  17. I kinda agree about the 6spd. It would be nice to have that .80 5th gear. Thing that sucks about any five speed from the T5-3650 is if you put some 3.73's or better in the car, your pretty much redlined at 120mph in 4th. Now you could always shift to 5th, but its such a big drop off going from 1.00 gear to a .67-.62 gear that you kinda drop out of the powerband of most engines.
    Simple fact is the 3650 is way cheaper than the T56. Ford is trying to keep cost down in every way they can so they can keep the sticker down.
  18. Good God man, you do **** do much. If you want to spend extra money for a 6 speed and a IRS, go ahead. Buy you a damn 05 GT when it comes out and change the tranny and rear. The rest of us don't have money coming out are ass like you. So its good for people like us that Ford chose the 5 speed and solid axle to help keep the price down.

    Now stop thinking that everything needs to be the way you think it need to be before you start pissing people off. :chair:
  19. I think you focus comparision maybe a little skewed. It is not just any focus with the 6 speed. It is the SVT version. Which is considerably more than a standard focus. I also have to question you saying you like the mustang interior. Then use it as part of your reasoning for the focus comparision.
  20. I want a hydrostatic transmission with no speeds :p