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  1. I think the basic point he's trying to get across is that it shouldnt cost more to use the T56...especially since GM was able to offer a 23K Z28 with a 6 speed. Another thing is the T650 isn't the strongest of all trannies. I've seen people grenade them with mild boost and juice.

    About the IRS, I thought it was going to be an option for the GT?
  2. The five speed auto sounds good. I can't think of another car under $30K with one. Hopefully the Gremlins have already been worked out by the stint in the Explorer.

    A six speed manual would be nice, but it is really not necessary for the 3v 4.6. It has ample torque and will be fairly efficient... until a blower is installed :nice:

    A Celica/Acura RSX/FocusSVT would be damn near undriveable without the extra cogs to keep the engine spooled up.
  3. This however is not Gm. And the T-56 is more expensive than most of the 5 speeds outthere. and why should Ford have to put in a tranny that that takes boost and juice. They are not building them to compete in racing. If you want to put boost and juice on the car. ten yu run the risk of blowing things. Blaming a weak tranny when you have gone beyond it's design specifications is not it's fault.
  4. Amen. I would not want a 6-speed.
  5. I wonder how many miles you have to drive in
    6th gear to end up paying off the added price?
    That is a very good point that is likely missed.
  6. I see some of us here are mindless sheeps who settle for whatever is shoved down there throats. I also see that some obviosuly can't tell between contructive ciritism and ****ing. You crying foul over my criticism of the 2005 mustang is ****ing. I am entitled to my opinion. You'll have to excuse me for having one.

    What part of the "atleast offer it as an option" did you not understrand? You do know what an "option" is right? :rolleyes:. That way those of us who have the $$ have that option. I'm positive that it would be a fairly option as well.

    It will probably be funny when and if GM rolls out their 5th gen camaro and it comes standard with a T56 and an IRS, not to mention a 350+hp motor 6.0L, and have it priced near the GT.

    Btw: Whats the cost difference of a trany like the T56 and one like the 5spd auto?
  7. you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But so are other people. Nearly everything on the car is optional for a price. You can always pay to have a new tranny put in. Then sell the old tranny to make up the difference. I hope GM does come out with a camaro again. But if you look at their styling choices. I think I'd still rather have the gt
  8. i really have no opinion on the 6-speed tranny, if i want one later on down the line ill fork out the money and buy a performance one...as for the IRS don't alot of the Cobra guys who don't autocross ditch 'em when its time for the strip?? i know a majority of the mustang owners live for that 1/4 mile.
  9. Yeah to some extent everything can be considered optional since there's always the aftermarket, but i'd like to have that option from the factory. That way, the quality of install and everything would be done to factory OEM specs. You know...drive it off the lot and not have to deal with some shady shop... or for the do-it-yourself'er the headaches of swaps and making sure everything fits perfectly, etc...

    That and a T56 option from the factory would be cheaper than going to the aftermarket and paying labor to have some shop install it for you. How much would Ford charge for such an option? how about the aftermarket including labor? I'm assuming there's a good difference in price. Ford would not charge $4,000+ for a T56 option, but the typical T56 plus cost of labor on an aftermarker unit would cost over $4k. If Ford were to make it a regular option, it would probably cost a couple of hundred bucks.

    I could also have a crate motor put in, etc....but given the option of a good engine (say a 5.0, 2v 4.6, 3v 4.6, 4.6 Dohc, or S/c4.6 Dohc) from the factory as a basis for my buildup, i wouldn't have to worry about swapping in another engine just to meet my performance goals. Get my drift? Same with the tranny. I'd like to have the option of a strong quality tranny (even if its a 5spd) as an option from the factory.
  10. The problem is I don't think it is feasible to have engine options in a new car. Not just the mustang. Almost every car out there does not have engine options unless you go up to a higher priced model. like the cobra is to the gt. As far as the 5 speed tranny. All I have heard is that it is an improvement ove the t-45 I'm stuck with.
  11. You misunderstood my post. I wasn't saying that Ford should make those engines optional. Some of them like the 5.0 pushrod have been dead for sometime now, and it looks like the 2v 4.6 in the mustang is dead as well. Those engines are history.

    I meant Ford put out great motors in the form of the 302, 2v 4.6 Sohc, 4v 4.6, and S/c'ed 4.6 that made excellent basis for a performance buildup. If you had anyone of these engines in your Sn95, you didn't have to do a whole engine swap just to get you car to bumb out some good numbers. They provided a good base to build on.

    I brought that up because you mentioned the aftermarket and the T56. I just used that as an example to highlight the point i was trying to make earlier: give us a good tranny from the factory that will form a good basis for future performance build-ups without resorting to swaps. Are we on the same page now?:D.
  12. I understand that and I think we have got a better engine. Should be easy to get it to 400+. But I don't think that ford is to held responsible for giving us a tranny that will hold 400hp unless it's the cobra tranny.
  13. Of course they won't be held responsible. They sold you a 300hp car, not a 400hp one.

    But take a look at a 5spd like the T-5. Some of the earlier versions were barely sutible for even stock or bolt-on applications. Ford had to detune the 93-95 Cobra computer just so the T-5 could live behind them and that was in a stock application. That's weak. The newer 5spd's (96+) i realize are a bit better, but they too don't fare too well in modified cars. It isn't too hard to break them.

    I guess with the mustang being a performance car, and ford acknowledging the aftermarket and tuning potential of the mustang (FRPP), and them being very popular in performance build ups, i figured a stronger tranny would be applicable. Let it even be a 5spd. If i remember correcly, when asked about why they stuck with the live axle on the 2005, they said to "please the drag racers". So Ford knows this.

    Basically: with any performance car, a solid powertrain should form the foundation. It doesn't have to be overkill, but it should stand up to 400 some horses and lb-ft tq fairly well.

    I don't know. GM has put the T56 in camaros since 93 and that proves that it can be had in an affordable package. Again, how expensive is the T56 relative to a 5spd auto?
  14. I don't know what it would be when buyingin bulk. But from what I have seen aftermarket. The t-56 has been nearly double the t-45.
  15. You people are arguing like idiots. The T56 should be an OPTION. Charge another $1000-$1500 on top of the base 5spd for the T56. It's not that hard, and quite frankly doesn't cost Ford anything extra.
  16. Sound like everyone is at eachother's throats lately. I think we all need a time out and a nap! :D

    really, what we need is to see the production car at the detroit show!
  17. First its a 4 speed then a 5 speed, now you guys want 6? Whats next 7 or 8 speeds?? How about high/low range? :rolleyes:
  18. Guys,

    I'm not buying the 2005 Mustang unless it has air brakes, tandem rear axle (with independent suspension), at least 1000 horsepower (rear wheel, not crank), a handy dash-mounted fuel filler, and headlights that change color with the dash lights. Geez, you can't please anyone these days.

    The Tremec T3650 is good to 360 ft-lbs of torque. If you want more you should buy a Cobra (instead of blowing twice as much cash trying to turn a GT into one).

    A 6 speed has little benefit on cars with broad powerbands. These are for rice burners that have a power curve of a few hundred rpm (i.e. Celica GT etc...)

  19. LOL I can't believe noone commented on this!

    so what if FBods have had 6 spd since 93? They are going extinct becuase their mommies find them too ugly to keep breeding. :rlaugh: :lol:
  20. Supply and demand. The T-56 is a desirable commodity so it rates a highend price. If it were a mass production item then the cost would drop substantially. Most Fbodys came with the four speed auto.

    The same can be said of IRS. If all Mustangs were equipped with IRS, then the cost would a lesser issue. Mass production would reduce the cost of production. Of course, the folks who drag race would be extemely upset.

    Could the drag racers learn to use the IRS to their advantage? Of course, if that were the only suspension available, they would adjust to it. Can road racers use the live axle efectively? There are people doing it already with Foxs and this new suspension should be a great leap forward.