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  1. Some of you want options for everything: different trannies, engines, suspensions, etc.

    The GT will have a 5 speed manual get over it.

    What no one has said yet is what if the next Mach, Shelby, or whatever special edition comes out has these options.

    Imagine if a Mach comes out a few months after the GT with a six speed, 30-50 more HP, and an independent rear suspension. Then you would have your GT that would be accesorized by Ford for just a few thousand dollars more. I hate to see some of you guys jump all over the GT for not having every possible option, when Ford has said there will be special edition Mustangs coming out soon after the GT is released.
  2. There is an additional cost. With any change in engine, transmission, or even a weight change, Ford has have to have it EPA emission and milage tested & certified.

    There is also the cost of maintaining spare parts inventory for 10 years (which is one of the reasons why service parts cost so much).

    This is why you won't see any Mustang model with a bunch of engine & transmission options.
  3. I'm waiting till I at least see a shelby, Your absolutely right, I don't want to get a GT just to find out a special edition is going to be so much better and for not much more. But if it turns out the shelby is just an appearance package then I may get a GT and trim it out the way I feel fit.
  4. Agreed. :nice:
  5. You must be one of those oldies who balk at modernity and keeping pace with the times :lol:. A 4spd? Lemme guess, you probably think we should have stayed with carbs, leaf springs, speed density, drum brakes, and the like :rlaugh:.

    Obviously, the thought of a T56 being offered as an option is too much for some:bang:.
  6. And the less time/amount of shifting! As long as the gears ratios are setup right to the powerband, you'll be faster with less gears/shifting. I can't imagine the 4 bangers w/6 speeds, all that jerking around shifting must be some type of training ;)

    BTW, the LS1/Vette/F-bodies are only the exception in 6speeds--the T56 was and still is one of the strongest trannys out there. If there was a 5spd (i.e. TKOII or Gforce) available, we would have seen the LS1/f-bodies with 5spds. Now the imports are using more gears as a crutch to account for lower TQ engines.

    5 spd: less shifting, lighter, cheap
    6 spd: more durable (T56), fuel economy-(better overdrive), social status

    5spd: low TQ limit (except aftermarkets), fuel econmony, social status?
    6spd: price, more shifting, inefficient use of powerband if wide, heavier.

    Since non-turbo engines nowadays are higher HP, but more peaky than the older engines (HP higher than TQ ratio) the extra gears keep you in the sweet spot, but again, you're still shifting more.

    You make the call. BTW, BMW is coming out w/a 7spd in the 740's next year....
  7. I was happy to hear that the new mustang will be offered with a 5 spd auto. I have a manual now but I will likely get an auto on my next car. I do a lot of stop and go driving and (more importantly?) I have not been able to convince my wife to learn how to drive with a clutch.

    I am concerned about the durability based on comments made earlier about the 5-spd autos used in the explorer. I hope they beef up the transmission before they put it in the Stang.

    I am not planning to buy one right away, so I can wait and see what kind of experience other have with the transmission.
  8. Well, maybe at least an OPTION?
  9. And NO THANK YOU, I will NOT be buying the 05 Mustang or 06 Cobra, YET.

    Knowing Ford there will be screw ups that have not been real world proven yet, and recalls amongst recalls.
  10. This is my stupid opinion: Automatic transmission sucks at changing gears - power loss. Isn't it better to have less gears, so it has to change gears less times?
  11. I dunno... I bought a brand new 95 formula with a 6 speed in it, not only was the transmision defective from the factory (wouldn't shift into Reverse) I never had any use for the 6th gear...

    anyways, I'm new here and wanted to say "hi"
  12. Now I understand the saying I saw elsewhere "don't be stangnet stupid!" :p There are some serious whinners here... lighten up, people are ****ing about the car and no one has even taken one for a test drive yet! No performance stats are released yet, who knows what the car "needs". This is where the saying "talking out your ass" comes from...

    BTW, love the chart, steeda! :D
  13. I don't have any problem with a 6 speed being an option for GT. Its just that it will somewhat detract from the cobra's top-of-the-line-mustang image. Ford would much rather make you spend more for a cobra.
    Seriously, I wonder if a few years from now we will have 7/8 speed transmissions in everyday performance cars? :banana:
  14. Seems to me there's still plenty of 2spd PowerGlides out there on the drag strips kicking 4, 5 & 6 spd booty! Come to think of it... I've seen more than a few carburetors, leaf springs, and other crusty old parts on those cars as well.

    If you NEED a 6 spd tranny, what you REALLY NEED is a good motor.
  15. Come on dude, you know well what i'm talking about. Lets not get into the trailer queens and the like. I'm not talking about all out drag cars, i'm talking about a high performance street cars. Not just on the strip, but around the corners and overall as well. I think most of manufacturers have gotten past the 60's and 70's where cars were only built for one thing...to go fast in a straight line. Todays enthusiasts demand tunability, better fuel economy without a sacrifise in performance, good handling, better reliability, etc.... Carbs, leaf springs, and 2spd powerglides just don't make the cut. Sorry.

    Are we talking about my car or the 2005.

    As for my car, you don't know what i've done to it nor what i have planned for it. Needles to say, the T5's days will be numbered after my winter mods.

    As for the 2005. It doesn't need one in stock form, but it would come in handy for those of us who would like to modify it (which should be most everyone here).

    Again, not just any 6spd, but a T56. Strong, smooth, and proven. It's arguably the best manual there is for the Mustang (aftermarket or Factory). For a street car or a daily driven 400+hp car, it seems like the perfect manual.
  16. But yet again if you are modding it. Then you should be prepared to have to replace the stock tranny. Not blame ford for not allowing you to do what you want cheaper.
  17. I can't blame ford for putting a glass tranny behind the 5.0's??????? Look at the 93-95 Cobras and the changes that had to be made to the computer/tune just so the T5 could survive behind them. You can forget about the mid 80's T5's since those were even weaker.

    Look, we're all enthusiats here. I don't know about you, but i hate replacing more than i have to. I'm not trying to modify a Honda or some econo-car that has no performance roots, therefor i shouldn't have to replace everything just to get "decent" performance out of my car. The wimpy brakes and the soft suspension are minor things (took care of them with a Bullitt brake and suspension swap for a good bargain) and are no problem. Same with the non-supportive seats, the long shifter, the stock radiator, etc.... All are easily fixed although the price adds up really quick:D. But when one of those parts happens to be a major component, then it becomes somewhat of a nuisance. Especially if it's a pos to begin with. Some parts just don't belong in a performance of the mustang caliber, another prime example being the rear drum brakes on the fox 5.0's (while 3rd gen f-bods had 4 wheel discs).

    Bascially, i don't know what the big fuss is. I guess some buy their cars to keep it stock, or like changing out their tranny's after a few mods :shrug:. A powetrain that isn't fragile (while not overkill as the same time) isn't too much to ask for nor should it even be an argument. I'm not expecting Ford to sell me a turn-key race car, just one with a more solid powertrain. Things like forged pistons, strong tranni's, potent engines, etc.... are important to us enthusiasts. Where would be the mustang be without the enthusiasts?
  18. Ok but your post talks about a 400hp daily driver says you intend to add 1/3 more hp. That doesn't sound like just a few mods. That is a seriou increase in performance.
    By the way are you just particularly bitter about the f-body having different brakes and trannys and hp. Cause you keep bringing it up. And that car is dead.
  19. The 400hp/400lb tq was in reference to the new GT. I was hoping the 5spd in it would hold up up under such power somewhat reliably. As for my car, you don't need near that much power to break the T-5;). I believe the T-5 has been passed on to the 99+ 3.8's, Lol. That should tell you a thing or two;).

    I don't know if bitter is the word that describes it best. I just didn't like Ford dragging their feet over the last decade. Be honest, we took a serious reaming from the chevy camp...especially us GT guys from 93 on up. In 99 we finnally got a GTthat was as quick as a 93 z28. Now in 2005, and if we're very lucky, we might get a GT that's as quick as the 98 z28. They not only had more hp (they had larger motors), but they had an available T56 (stronger tranny), better suspension setup, etc... The one BIG thing we had them beat as far as hardware/parts is the rear end. The ford 8.8" is a really good unit where as the GM 10 bolt is a pos from what i've heard.

    I just wish that Ford would step it up. There's no reason why GM can pack all that into their cars and still price them in line with the GT....especially considering the engine/tranny is shared with the much more expensive vettes. The rumor going around now is that the next gen Camaro will get IRS across the board. If so, they would have beat us to that as well. Again, in a car that probably won't cost too much more than the GT.

    Btw: The f-bod isn't dead. It went on a hiatus (sp?) and should be back sometime within the next 3 or so model years. I hang out in the camaroz28.com 5th gen and rumors section a lot, and that much we're almost 99% sure of.