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  1. Ok but the new GT is 500 hp and it has a different transmission than the mustang. And actually I would think you made the arguement yourself. Why GM can do the 6 speed and large engine. The mustang doesn't have another car that can really help develope engines and trannys. Let's be real. The vette had the t-56 before the camaro ever did. From what I have seen all Gm has done is transplant outdated vette parts into new camaros. Which if it comes back. Will probably start up all over again. And you'll have to pardon me for doubting. But rumors of it's return are far from fact. And considering GM's attitude for the car in it's last incarnation. I'm not overly hopeful
  2. I'm not a GM fan but you gotta admit that's a pretty good way to go--about the only thing I like about the Vette is the drivetrain. Sure helped them bang out the GTO quickly. Too bad it couldn't look better. :nonono:
  3. True and if we had an answer to a vette (not mustang based). Then the mustang might be farther along. And yes the GTO is an ugly turd. It's just to bad GM looked at the camaro has a stepchild of the corvette. They only gave it redesigns every 10 years. My hope is they won't treat the GTO that way.
  5. That's why it's an option that costs extra money. Besides which, fuel economy would be better with the 6-speed. I don't think the emission/etc testing is going to be that big a deal. What's so hard about offering a $1500 transmission (or hell, even make it $2000 like on the GTO)? It's not nearly as big a deal as a different engine or rear end. Pass along the testing and certification costs to the person buying the upgraded transmission.
  6. Stabilize and completely swap out are two different things in my book. I'll use my car as an example. IMO Stabilizing would be me rebuilding the T-5 with slightly stronger parts..... but that would only take me so far. Same with the other mustang 5spds. I get your point, but you're not getting mine.

    Why did they overengineer the Cobra? They could have gone with a much simpler and easier setup that wasn't as overengineered, but they still went the extra 9 yards making sure it was an excellent platform. I realize a huge chunk of it has to do with price, but it has been proven that a tranny like the T56 can be had in an affordable car.The T56 is rated at something like 450lb-ft of Tq, yet camaro's and such only make 340 or so.

    Like i said earlier, its a performance car so expect it be run hard. For that reason, there should be a good cushion. Leave some room to grow on. Don't make the car so mod-unfriendly.

    Axles and gears cost what??? Gears are optional btw, not a a must. A few hundred at most. Not like you need to change out the whole 8.8 rear end for a built 9" just to support 400hp.
  7. geez guys, who cares??? be happy you have o/d at all, i'd kill for it; right now, a 5-speed seems pretty good to me. it's probably the one thing we have in new cars that i miss the most (well, maybe a/c)
  8. I'd just like to throw in a quick comment about the transmission issue. If you look at how many 400-550 rwhp mustangs are out there with stock t-3650's or with just a performance clutch change you would not be so worried about getting a 6 speed in the new GT for the higher torque rating. Yes a 6 speed would be nice and i may eventually put one in my stang or a new one if i buy one...but i think its smart for ford to keep the 5 speed in the mustang. You can always get a bolt-in t-56 later on with very few headaches to install and it wont cost you 4k to do it either.

  9. I want an 18-speed. :p
  10. You need an 18wheeler my friend.
  11. You have that option in a Mustang today. It's called an '03 Cobra. I would be surprised if the '06 Cobra doesn't offer something similar.
  12. The problem is people don't look at the Cobra as an upgraded gt. They want Ford to build them a car personalized just for themselves. And it better not raise the price very much. Instead of having to let the aftermarket do it.
  14. This ...is insane. Since this is obviously a ****ing thread, where people ****, **** about other people who ****, and **** about ****ing, I feel the need to take one for the cause since I've been pissed about this for years:
    :scratch: God, that seems like such a simple concept, doesn't it?
    I must be missing something. If we didn't like shifting, wouldn't we just buy the automatic? There are barely any NA cars made which have an average HP that is even close to it's peak HP. Therefore, the more time you can spend in the "sweet spot" the faster the car will be, even after wasting 1/10th of a second on another shift.
    Yeah, back when the only price/performance competitor with that kind of technology was one of the two F-bodies, we could just write it off as Ford was "a little" slow and behind the times. Things are quite a bit different now, like my list below.
    Who said anything about Corvette's? But since you brought it up, the Corvette has been a purpose built sports car since the C3, and it was a Vette who gave the 6spd it's "serious sports car" status symbol rep. *Almost* none of these cheesy little crappers below should be taken seriously in the sports car world, yet they have them? WTF?! You don't think we should ****? The only reason that there is still a Mustang to **** about at all is because when Ford decided to kill the Fox platform and build what became the (dead, loser, import powered) Probe with a running horse on it, all the stang enthusiasts freaked like king baby ****es. If nobody ****es, then nothing happens. How the hell are they supposed to know what to do? For example, the reason the new GT will have a live rear axle not IRS has nothing to do with cost, because if you read anything about it it has been engineered to have IRS and the money was already spent. Ford interviewed Ford fans, and more of them wanted a live rear than IRS so that's what it has. If enough people whine about the same old 5 speed, something may happen.
    My gripe? The old F-bodies were just the beginning, now this all adds insult to injury. I compiled this list this morning, all are 2004 models, none are limited production, all prices are list price (not base price) for these exact models that come standard with a six speed manual transmission. All are either at, around, below, or waaayyy below the proposed price of a new Mustang GT. Almost none if them have anywhere near the 300HP the new stang has, which is necessary to overcome the drag coefficient to even use a sixth gear- hence, almost none of them are as justified in having it. But they do- and we don't. That's BS Ford, wake up and look around. Sure, the new Cobra will have IRS, and a 6spd. Ford said so. But if that is all they have to set it apart from the GT and justify the increase in price, or enhance it's "top of the line" status, then there is a lot more wrong then this whole ****fest of a thread implies. There are quite a few more than the ones I've listed here, but you should get the gist. If you aren't as embarrassed about this as I am, I don't know what to tell you:
    Audi A4 Avant Wagon $33,940
    Chrysler Crossfire $33,620
    Audi TT $33,250
    BMW 330 $33,200
    Honda S2000 $32,800
    Saab 9-3 Aero $32,685
    Pontiac GTO $31,795
    Subaru WRX Impreza STI $31,120
    BMW Z4 $30,370
    Infiniti G35 sedan $29,850
    Audi A4 3.0 Quattro $29,409
    Nissan Maxima $27,050
    Mazda RX-8 $26,680
    Acura TSX $26,490
    Nissan 350Z $26,370
    Toyota MR2 Spyder $26,130
    Mercedes Benz C230 $25,300
    Volkswagon Beetle Turbo S $23,850
    Volkswagon Jetta GLI VR6 $22,950
    Toyota Celica GT-S $22,750
    Volkswagon GTI VR6 $22,070
    Hyundai Tiburon GT $20,938
    Mini Cooper S $19,449
    Toyota Matrix XRS $18,750
    Nissan Sentra SE-R spec V $17,300
    Pontiac Vibe $17,165
  15. stangbear, I dont mean to be rude but just take a load off man. Ford is gonna put in what they can to make the car affordable. The mustang would be a failure too if they jacked the price way up 3-5k more than its going to sell for like the ls1. Then what happens...mustang sales plummet and ford is forced to remove the product from their line up. I'm sure that is what would really please you right? lol.

  16. Actually, the '03 Cobra only cost a few thousand more than a fully loaded '03 GT. A few thousand is our cost for just the tranny swap, but somehow they still managed to intigrate IRS, the T56, an Eaton blower, and a complete engine rebuild- not to mention the upgrades to the suspension and appearance. You can't tell me that it cost Ford more money to put in the T-56 than any of those other upgrades- so what gives? The Terminator may well be the steal of the new millenium, but it proves what they can do without upping the price.
  17. a few thousand more? The lowest i've EVER heard of a cobra being sold (03 with supercharger) is 29,000. I bought my premium GT for 19,615. Thats 10,000 difference...enough said.

    It will cost more for ford to purchase the t-56...thats why it will cost the customer more than twice that at retail.

  18. I just went shopping with my dad for his GT this past summer. Sticker prices were all over $25k for '03 GT's. Every single one. The highest one was a fully loaded '04 GT, $29k. The sticker price on the one owner '01 GT he ended up buying at the dealer was almost $19k. I know Connecticut is a long way from Texas, and it's one of the three most expensive states in the country, but I'm shocked that you could buy a brand new GT under $20k. If that were the case here, every Ford dealer would be sold out. There were new Mach 1's with sticker prices of $31k and '03 Cobra's were $34k. We were wishing he had $34k, but alas, couldn't even afford a new GT for a few thousand less.
  19. I'm not talking about sticker prices...im talking about what you can buy the cars for...you cannot possibly be reasonably comparing what you can actually get a 03 cobra for around 30k even to the sticker price of a GT...your comparing apples to oranges and you know it. There is about a 10k difference street price of those two vehicles PERIOD...and for good reason. The cobra is a badass car.

    There's no 6 speed in the Gt...i doubt there ever will be so GET OVER IT.