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  1. I'm perfectly calm :)

    I dont have my panties in a wad over something so childish as the transmission option on a vehicle thats the best price / performance vehicle on the market.

  2. But you are egging him on. I would appreciate it if that stopped.


    "I don't have my panties in a wad" has just been submitted as your new CT
  3. Hmmm... panties in a wad... childish... I was perfectly calm, now I feel like I'm back in highschool which is calm and depressing. Oh well. Didn't want to get into a girlfight, but it's getting hard to be objective with this panty wedgy goin on. Regardless, in hindsight, I would've laughed my ass off a few years ago if someone had told me that there was going to be a Hyundai with a six speed, or a VW beetle for that matter. Obviously, I haven't gotten over that yet or I never would have posted in this thread (which now I'm wishing I hadn't- I'll be glad if I get out of here without "my panties are in a wad" as my new CT :D ). You're telling me that in spite of the fact that they have already bolted it to this block, have enough driveshaft lengths to put it in just about anything, all the tooling already made, and all the ground already broken, that it will add more to the price than I can pay for the whole swap into a stang platform that was never intended to have one? If I can get a T56 for under two grand, Ford gets them for half that or they could buy them from me. Or maybe they could get a deal on them from GM, since they were able to put them in their Camaro's and Firebirds without charging Corvette prices for them. Nevermind the fact that in addition to being competitively prices to the Mustang, they were faster and better handling than the Mustang every year. All that after paying for that expensive tranny! The general must know something Ford doesn't...
  4. You do realize that most of the 99-01 cobra's were generally stickering for $27-28k. So the bump up to nearly $34k was a significant increase for the performance additions.
  5. Should have done research in states around you. A 200 plane ticket to a dealer out of state is worth it if you can get a sub 20,000 GT instead of 25,000. Thats a 4,800 dollar savings. Live and learn.
  6. Got the car with a 1 year warrantee on it, and when something goes wrong you don't want to drive a few hours to the dealership, nevermind someplace you took a plane to get to. There are five Ford dealerships in this area, close enough that they can each be visited several times in the same day. Since we've been back a few times, and went back several times before buying it, it really wouldn't have been very practical to go on a road trip for this. He really didn't know what he wanted until we'd looked at a bunch of them, he hasn't had a stang in over twenty years. Even when he decided what, and which one, he went back and forth over it for two weeks and then one day just surprised us all and took it home. We would have had to leave New England completely to find one any cheaper. That's a lot more money and time than you want to invest in something you may not want. Nevermind the PIA it is to buy cars out of state when you live in CT, they make it hell over here. That would only be a good way to shop for a car if you were rich, in which cases you wouldn't need to. I think at 55+ years old my father has done more "living and learning" in his life than he deserves already, and whether or not he got a fantastic deal on this GT is actually heading off topic.
    Actually, even $6k is a small price to pay for a factory installed T56, forged crank, Manley rods, bigger brakes, better dampners, better springs and a modified Eaton M-112 blower- to name a few of the perfomance additions. Regardless, maybe they were $27-28K on your end of the country, but in '99 they were over $29k as far away from me as Vermont, in '00 I don't think one got whithin three states of us, and by '01 people here would have lined up around the block for a new Cobra for $28-29K. When the '05 GT hits the sales rooms here, I fully expect them to be stickered whithin $3k of the '03 Cobra's, and they are hardly in the same playing field. As much money as Ford has spent reskinning and re-engineering the GT, it's still nothing a Terminater owner needs to be worried about at the stoplight- as apposed to the new WRX (which is also a few thousand less, making it a direct price competitor for the GT, which the WRX will hand it's ass back to on a plate) which will hang right with an '03 Cobra light to light, or beat him, if it has a better driver- and then walk away as soon as they get to the corners; another example of a 300HP car with a 6spd for the going rate. Now those are "apples and oranges and I know it" but the point of it is plane and simple. The Mustang against a Firebird or Camaro is a much more straitforward comparison- say red delicous to granny smith. Upon making it though, I really don't see why GM didn't sell more of them, since they had the power and technology I'm looking for in a Mustang ten years ago. Must just be how hard they were to get in and out of, ya think?
  7. I see there is no point in furthing this lame thread. Typical stangnet thread...

  8. I'm not sure what your talking about in your last part but its a dang shame that you cant try to correct misinformation. I mean hell when people correct me of misinformation i dont get all up in arms i just research and if im wrong so what, fine thats that. This guy is OBVIOUSLY skewing typical sales price of the 03 cobra compared to a GT but i guess you dont care about that. Thats why i said he has his panties in a wad...having to lie about what the vehicles sell for because he is pissy with ford because they didn't put what he wanted in the new mustang. Thats whats really childish...now im through with this gay thread.

  9. OK, here's the basis for everything I've said:
    Notice that the standard features for the GT (list price $24,555) does not include the $345 interior upgrade package, the $730 ABS braking system option, or the $395 deluxe wheel option- all things I would expect to see on a "fully loaded" GT, which is what I was comparing to a base '03 Cobra. This brings list up to $26,025. Now, some people don't consider even a Mustang to be fully loaded without an automatic transmission- that's a $815 option which brings the list up to $26,840. Now, if the fully loaded GT in question is a convertable http://www.nadaguides.com/Prices/St...2=&in=&ct=4&yr=2004&mk=1065&md=8775&sy=127365 then we are up to $30,015.
    Now, going back tohttp://www.nadaguides.com/Prices/St...&ex2=&in=&ct=4&yr=2003&mk=1065&md=3501&sy=246, the base invoice price (what the dealer pays the manufacturer) for a Premium GT, which you claim to have paid $19,615 for, is $22,470. In other words, $2,855 less than the dealership you bought it from paid for it. And you say I'm lying and scewing prices? Now stay with me here, because I realise you feel like you're arguing with a child and I really want you to get this: I realise that you live in TEXAS. I found all those NADA prices, which I matched against KBB prices, by punching in my zip code. These are normal prices for where I live. I don't know what your zip code is, but rather than accuse you of lying about how much you paid for your Premium GT I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that if I ran these same searches with your zip, totally different numbers would have come up. My arguably unfortunate reality is that I live in one of the most expensive areas in America, where $1000 a month won't rent you a two bedroom dump. You will notice however, that a base '03 Cobra is still just $33,460 here. The real panty bunch munch that's going on here is that this is all totally off topic. To bring it back into perspective- this is my issue and it's why I made the mistake of ever posting in this thread in the first place: http://www.nadaguides.com/Values/Va...akeId=1143&VehicleId=52664&Year=2002&ColorId=That's a top of the line WS6 loaded with every option on the list checked, and zero miles which means it is still sitting on a dealer lot brand new. Six Tremec factory gears and enough power to hang with or flat out roast any Mustang but the Cobra off the dealer lot, and a sport tuned suspension that makes my dads '01 GT feel like a pickup truck on backroads. It's the same transmission, I don't see what's so difficult about this.
  10. The 2002 is also a year older than an 03 which generally lowers the cost.
  11. True enough... I suppose that apple I threw out last deserves an orange to go with it. For some reason the link isn't working right now, I guess I used up my free searches for the day so here's the cut and paste of it:

    2002 Ford MUSTANG-V8-5 Spd./AT
    Coupe 2D GT
    0 miles
    Average Trade-In Average Retail
    Base Price $14,500 $16,975

    Mileage Adjustment
    0 miles add: $975 $975

    Options and Equipment
    Power Seat (Coupe V6) add: $175 $200
    Theft Recovery System add: $75 $100
    MACH Stereo System add: $250 $300
    Leather Seats add: $400 $450
    Certification and Extended Warranties
    Total Price $16,375 $19,000
  12. Nevermind- screwed this one up.
  13. The link you posted looks like it's for a bullit. And definately is not yellow. Not that I'm really disputing the price your claiming. just making sure you post accurate info.
  14. Crap! I went and erased it, and now i can't find it again. Yeah, I saw that. They were all coming up with the same picture. I'm not under the impression that dealerships are going to a whole lot of trouble to get the right ones up, since I put a specific list into the search and the bullets all have leather, right? Nothing about the car in that link matched the picture, which is why I pulled it.
  15. I'm going by the svt mustang recognition guide. Which has the base MSRP for a cobra at $27.6k I have not seen a wrx hang with an 03 cobra. But I have not seen any 03 cobra's remain stock for very long. Although with what little mods my 97 has. It beat a wrx. Actually I personally think chevy just gave up on the camaro. Since 1972 they only got redesigns every decade. I'm not saying the fox body was any better. Until the 90's they hardly changed at all.But since 93 the camaro got one body style. While the mustang got 3. The 05 maybe within $3k of the 03 cobra. But it got at least a little more expensive to pay for the redesign. And every year seems to get a little more expensive. My problem is I don't see what the fuss about 6 speeds and IRS is all about. Nobody has tried the new suspension design. So noone can say how well or hgow poorly it compares to the IRS. If it was out and people were complaining. Then they would have a little more credibility with me. Then you also have to look at the weight issue. People have been complaining about it's weight. But then you want to add extra with 6 speed and IRS.
  16. OK, I found it again. See- here's a different car, also yellow, different dealership, different vin, still a picture of a Bullet.
  17. If you were posting a link. You didn't get it.
  18. HotRod magazine, last month. It was the cover story.


    I bet they lost several subscribers over that article. For the record, I'm not crazy about the Ford IRS. I'm a torque arm guy.
  19. Here's the rundown from SVT and Subaru handing the Hotrod journalists the keys to both:

    Mustang Cobra
    List price: $33,125
    1/4mi: 13.30 seconds @109.0mph (altitude corrected)
    Road Course: 1:22.7 seconds
    Top speed: 155mph (electronically limited)

    Subaru WRX STi
    List price: $30,995
    1/4mi: 13.29 @100.5mph (altitude corrected)
    Road Course: 1:21.0 seconds
    Top speed: 145mph

    This was the last paragraph:
    "Ready for a shock? Our testers were split down the middle after logging a long weekend in each of these cars, and even if we had to declare a winner, we'd be hard pressed to do it. As we said at the start, the Subaru is the Cobra's equal at the drags, it's superior on the road course, and the cheaper of the two. And considering it's traction disadvantage, in a street race with the STi, the Cobra would probably lose. But the lure of the Cobra's grunting V-8 and classic rear wheel drive configuration are hard to shake for those of us raised with the perception that nothing less will do. No two cars put the old school/ new school debate in sharper focus than the Cobra and the STi. So let the arguing begin."