Drivetrain 5speed Help

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by jps91lx, May 5, 2013.

  1. Hey guys looking for some advice on two issues. First issue when I go to start my car I have to depress the clutch so far to start the car. When I mean so far I feel like I am pushing the clutch through the floor, sometime that's not even far enough to start. How can I fix.
    Second issue and this may be a biggie, I took the car out for a drive today and ran it hard through first, second, third, fourth and wanted to slow down from that point and couldn't pull the trans out of fourth gear. After some struggling I was able to pull the trans out of fourth. Grinding all the way out. Was only able to then go into second gear. After driving around in second gear I was able to shift from first second and third. Fourth gear I can get into but grinding. What happened. And how do I fix it. Any advice guys. Thanks, oh and yes I can get into fifth gear no problem.
  2. How old is the clutch? Do you have a firewall adjuster? Or even a adjustable clutch cable. Take your hand and grab clutch pedal, if you can move pedal then your cable is stretched, hence you said you were just ripping through the gears. If you have play in pedal then id lean towards that is your issue
  3. I had this happen to me, I felt a pop on the clutch and then I could hardly shift it and barley start it. I took it to a friend and that is where I learned about adjustable clutch cables. I have mine at the pedal assembly, all he did was pull a pin, move it back a couple of teeth and it fixed it right up. It looks like a plastic gear, thing.
  4. Not sure how old the clutch is at least 11 years and roughly 50k on it. I put a new clutch quadrant cable in it last year. But the starting issue didn't change. It has been like that since I bought the car and didnt change with the new quadrant. Is it possible I just need to adjust it more.
  5. It couldn't hurt, you can't shift as it is, might as well try it. You could always put it back.