5x7/6x8 Speaker Advice Please

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  1. I am getting ready to remove the Mach 460 system out of my 03 Cobra to reduce additional weight. I am planning on picking up an Alpine deck but would like everyone's opinion on speakers. I know all (4) are 5x7/6x8 but I am not sure which speaker would offer the best sound quality driven only by an aftermarket deck. Adding an amp or extra weight would defeat my main purpose.

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. I like the sound of the JL audio 5x7 they make one called the xr570csi with a seprate tweeter..
  3. Most namebrand aftermarket speaker companies make good speakers that will work with deck power. Make sure to buy components and not co-axials. I would recommend going down to the local sound shop and taking some of your favorite music with you. See wich ones YOU think sound best and find ones in your price range. I endeded up giong with Infinity Kappa's, because of the sound quality and price point. In a nutshell, there is no "best" for all situations, as it all depends on the application...
  4. I got 2 infinity kappa componet sets. i payed $280 for both sets off ebay brand new. each set comes with 2 6x8's and 2 1in tweeters to fill the stock tweeter spots. love the sound
  5. Thank you!

    I am going to ask a dumb question...what is the difference between co-axial and components (tweeter separate with a cross over?). I picked up (2) Alpine 5x7's and (2) JBL 5x7 speakers from a friend, both have the tweeter mounted in the lower portion of the speaker. Are these cosindered co-axial?
  6. Yes, the coaxial means the tweeter is connected or seated with the speaker. The component set means the tweeter is seperate.
  7. kenwood makes an awesome 6x8 plate.