6.17 gears too much?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by hotmustang331, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Ok ther is this girl on cardomain with an 03 auto mach 1, and she wants to freekin put 6.17 gears in it.It will eventually have a cobra motor motor in it, and she wants it to be all race and not driven on the street, I think that is WAYYYYY to much gear but she keeps saying that her dad has like 30 years of racing or whatever and that he knows what he is doing.What do you guys think?Low gear would BASICALLY not even be usable LOL even with the high rev capabilitys of the cobra engine(6800?) My 66 rev limits at 7500RPM and man even with 3.80 gears it come up FAST, especially in low...I couldnt imagine 6.17s.
  2. ummm......can we say insane???? why the hell wouldnt u want to drive that beast on the street??? WTF?? wheres the fun in only taking it to the track?
  3. i think thats too much for a 4.6 motor. what kind of tranny does she plan to run, cause i would think with that much gear you would need a sloshbox.
  4. Holy crap!!!!!! :jaw: That is beyond insane....way toooo much gear. Just my 2 cents though.
  5. pointless.
  6. not even the top fuelers use that much gear. if i remember correctly they use like 2.73s or something like that.
  7. that is fricken insane ... WAY TOO MUCH!
  8. I didn't even know they made gears that high (low). :shrug:
  9. LOL her top speed is going to be like 60MPH, and she'll reach it in like 1.2 seconds
  10. Don't fear the gear. :nice:
  11. Not too much if she wants to put tractor tires on the back, hook a chain to it and pull stumps out of her yard.
  12. What's the point? Why get a Mach 1 and eventually put a cobra motor in it?

    Hey I'm gettin a V6 stang and eventually putting in a GT motor.
  13. gas mileage will be about 1mpg :notnice:
  14. 4.10-4.30's would be a good gear..... she needs to lay off the pipe...(is she hot?? maybe she needs more time on the pipe :) )
  15. Hey, this is a family oriented site. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Yeah any pics of her. :D
  16. 6.17's is nuts! yeah we need some pics of her!!!!
  17. They make 6.17's? :eek:
  18. i met a guy at the track once with a pinto that had 5.xx gears in it. it ran 10s, but damn 6.17s???
  19. Oh, she got one of the rare 2v Mach I's?