6.17 gears too much?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by hotmustang331, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. That is Nutz
  2. I think your onto something there :lol: :SNSign:
  3. 1/8 mile beast... lol
  4. 60 foot beast more like it.
  5. :rlaugh: hahahaha true that im pretty sure your top speed would be like 40. just to get through the 60' ur gonna have to use atleast 4 gears lol.
  6. I think some of you guys need to re-read page 4. :)
  7. yes and they blow through the quarter mile in a bit over 4 seconds at 300mph.

    anything over 4.30 is a waste for any car that isnt purposely built for the track. besides, why would you take a nice car like a mach1, and race-prep it out? if youre gonna take all that time and effort, why not just start with a 6er if you were planning to rip out everything and start over?

    tell her to come to teh SN and well let her in on a secret, HER MACH1 IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT HER DADDY GREW UP WITH! that tall a gear would be dandy with some huge slicks out back, or someone who wants to do massive 3rd and 4th gear burnouts at 30mph.