6.8 v10 in a fox?

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  1. so far i've only found one guy that attempted this. and he didnt have much info on his site and never stated wether the car ran much less was finished. just curious if anyone has info on this swap? i know canton makes/made an oil pan to do so. any known major problems with doing this? my guess is a k-member made for droppin a 4.6/5.4 into a fox would be a big help. does anyone know if the motor mounts/bellhousings/flywheels etc are interchangable from the modular v8s to the v10? would like to use a t-56 with it. aswell i dont know enough about wiring issues. is the engine harness in a fox intertwined with the rest of the cars wiring? could i get a wrecked truck, pull the engine, computer and harness out, then basically drop it in my 90 lx and power it help? all info is greatly appreciated! i know its easy to make monster power with any of fords small blocks or the modular v8's. my biggest thing is to be different. plus i think the v10 sounds wicked!:D all comments and advice are welcomed and wanted!
  2. I have never seen it done. I bet it would nice. Even though I don't plan on doing it I would still like to read up on it.
  3. Isn't the 6.8 just a 5.4 with 2 cylinders on the rear? I've heard it is a turd but I could be wrong this is all based on what I have heard.
  4. I looked on up and it looks freakin huge. I don't know if it's any bigger than a 460 but from the pic I would say it is.
  5. i know that a p.i. 6.8 will dyno 320 plus horse and about 430 to 440 ft lbs. i friend of mine had a 2 wheel drive dually f-350 with this engine and a 5 speed. also four full size doors and it would actually move pretty decent for a truck that size. u could get it to turn all 4 tires shifting into second. i would like to use the newer 3 valve. not sure on the output of them but i would think it'd be atleast slightly better. i found some more info on this engine last night. they barely fit between the towers in a fox and yes they are essentially a 10 cylinder version of the 5.4 i think they tip the scales at about 730 or 740 lbs. yes it is hevier than a 5.0 by close to 100 pounds but it is more than 100 lighter than a 460! apparently u are suppost to be able to use performance rods and piston for a 5.4 in the 6.8 since the piston are nothing special and the rods are powdered crap! i forget the company but somebody makes a performance set of cams for them aswell. bbk makes a throttle body, have yet to find a upgrade for the maf sensor tho. im pretty sure that whipple makes a blower that is suppost to push it to well over 500 horse :D the main reason i want to do this swap is it is something completely different. if there are any other stangs out there with this power plant in em they are definately few and far between! besides i think the 6.8 sounds awesome. better than dodges v10 if u ask me. i guess my main questions on the topic now are all electrical. if anyone has the info on the best way to go with the harness please teach me! haha i believe u can do a stand alone system with the stock truck harness and computer system. how do u go about doin such a thing tho? i can use all the input i can get! much appreciated!
  6. thats going toing pretty cool

    im in the middle of putting a 545 ci bbf in my car and its big. if you cant find any one that had done this. i would get a tape mearsure out and go find a 10.0 and see how wide they are then see how much room u will have. i have a 5.4 in my truck and i think it wider than my 460 with non stock heads.also find onetosee where the motor mounts would put the motor u my have a fire wall problem. if it all mearsures ok then i would go find a junk yard that had one and go pull the wiring out of it so u know what u need. i think that you would have to use the stock 10 manifolds for the exhaust never seen a header with 5 inlet pipes collector :shrug: good luck i know i like my bbf in mine and i think that a 10 banger would be bad ass
  7. i know that the modular enines are quite large for their actual displacement. i believe that a 4.6 is close to the size of the 460! i read that the v10 is aprox. 28 by 28 in. weather this is acurate or not i dunno. also heard its about 2.5 inches longer than a 5.0. im not too worried about clearance issuse on the towers tho. im 20 years old and have been doing body work since i was 14! recently i have gotten into fabing complete custom chassis for hotrods aswell! if i have to cut a relief into each tower and then fill it back in that wont be a problem. they do make a nice set of shorty headers for this engine! they bolt in place of the stock manifolds so i doubt clearance issuse would be a problem. especially with a tubular kmember in the car. i have heard of guys taking a set of 4.6 headers and adding a 5th tube to them also. basically my only concern now with the swap is get the wiring put in correctly and neatly. nothing looks worse than a hack job on a harness if u ask me! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/FORD...018QQitemZ280142443778QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
  8. Gibson also makes some stainless boltin headers for these. If you need any measurements just let me know my mom drives an excursion with a 6.8. If I were you I would definately use a 3-vavle. Not that the 2-valves are bad its just that the 3-valves are that much better. I believe the 3-valves were factory rated at 345hp and 515 ft lbs!
  9. I was thinking about doing the V-10 swap as well, but I was looking for a carb intake for the big Ford V-10.
  10. eeeshh.... dont think i've seen that one yet man. if u got that way u might aswell use a distributor on it too. i know they make kits for the 5.4 and 4.6 which im sure u could get a company to modify ur valve cover for u if u sent it to them. but where the hell u gonna find a distrib for 10 cylinders? i know i've never seen one. im plannin on getting to work on this freak of mine in a couple weeks or so, so if u got the patients hang in there and i'll let ya know how big of a pain in the a** it was to get the wiring worked out. give ya all the details on it. my bro is a tech at a garage in town. i talked to him about the wiring issue a couple weeks ago and he really didnt seem to think twice about it being a problem. i just hope hes right! :eek: besides i know a carb and distrib are easy to work with... but feul injection in many ways is the better of the two. i also think its easier if u ever want to add some boost.
  11. I remeber a couple of years ago, Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Magazine test drove a white SN95 style mustang with a V10 in it. I think it was a factory built car that ford let them test. They said it made good power and I think it ran somewhere in the high 12's N/A. This was way before the three valve V10's.
  12. ...and if I recal, the engine itself was actually lighter than the 5.4L iron block at the time? :shrug:
  13. I am contemplating this swap, I just recently bought an '87 4 banger that is in need of a good swap. The FRPP catalog has a size chart and a 4.6 is 28" long, dohc is 29 7/8" tall and 30" wide. The v-10 is basicly 5 or 6 inches longer. A 460 is 32" long so it should fit. The motor mounts are in the same place as a 5.4/4.6. I am the parts manager at a Ford dealership.
  14. ya ummm, i had a post asking about dropping a 5.4 into a 4 banger 93, and i got absolutlely no replies with answers. im getting the motor from a 99 expedition, does anyone know what i can get from the expedition for the install? of course the harness and ecu, but what about tranny? i cant seem to find anything about what i need to get for the swap. im not trying to do an over night swap, i plan on doing it right, but would like to know some shortcuts as opposed to trial and error. i was told i need to get a tubular K member but honestly dont want to spend 500 dollars on one. everyone in this thread seems to have some knowledge on the swap, any help would be appreciated. thanks guys
  15. My brother is the fleet mechanic at a window company. Last year we borrowed an 07' f350 dually dump truck it had a 3v v10, stick with a creeper gear. That dump truck was the cats ass, 80mph came pretty damn quick for a heavy truck.
  16. blown v10

    i am in the process of turbo charging my v10 truck, it is already pretty quick for a truck put a little extra never hurt anyone any one have injectors for a 03-04 cobra mustang lying around or a 02 lightning maf...i would apreciate it thanks....and yes even the 2 valve if chiped is a lot of fun...so in a mustang is would be a thrill.:D
  17. That would be Insane !!!
  18. a guy on my street has one in his bronco. that thing is insane. I couldnt imagine one in a fox