6-disk in dash is jammed!

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by PoXiC, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. And I have 6 of my favorite CDs in there. What's the best method of disassembling the unit? I've tried the tweezer tecnique, but to no avail. Any advice appreciated.
  2. Is it just one that is jammed from coming out? Or nothing will come out at all? If it's one that's stuck from coming out try sticking a box cutter under the cd and slightly lifting it up, always works for me.
  3. just keep ejecting random CD's after a few days of this they will all start popping out.. not good for the unit or the CD's but EVENTUALLY they come out.. at least for me. sometimes two try to come out and get jammed
    but then you can tweezer them.. have fun with our premium sound system.
  4. no it's jammed so hard it wont eject any CDs. I started the car today, and it dosnt even recognize there are CDs in tray 3 or 4... even though there are. It is jammed in between CDs, so I cant even see a CD in the slot... Look like I'll just pull the HU and take it appart.... get the CDs out... put it back together, and hope it works. :shrug:
  5. I got a postcard from Ford some time ago, warning me to never, ever, put CD's into the changer which have attached labels.

    I don't know if these was the cause of your problem, but I thought I would pass the warning onto anyone reading this thread.
  6. no labels here.
  7. try this

    if you push and hold the eject button for a long time , it is supposed to cough up all the cds in order , i have had to do the stick and pry up method a few times , but the last time i just held the eject button for what seemed like forever and it just coughed them all out at once or one at a time i should say