6 speed goodness!

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  1. Viper SPec t56??.. :nice:
  2. um, what is your home address, i would like to send a "Congrats" greeting card to you, hehe:jaw:
  3. You will love it, I run one in my cobra. Its the best manual trans I have ever shifted.
  4. man, that's gonna look real good with your 6 liter monster bolted up to it :drool:
  5. Thanks guys, I look forward to getting it all together!

    I hope to make a few horsepower :)
  6. nice work man, thats what i plan on getting when i get the cash. hope it works out well. whered u get it, ive been trying to find a few places to pick one up.
  7. are they the same shifter thats on the t56 out of the cobras. Wou should het a MGW for that for a little piece of insurrance
  8. MGW already on order.
  9. thats good cause having a 6 speed gear box like that without the MGW would be like watching a **** and not having lube ot some tissues = BIG MESS.
  10. Not that I know from experience or anything just thought you should no dat
  11. :rolleyes:
  12. hey gsxr...PM sent
  13. Alright you Busted me:D