6 vs 8

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  1. We've all heard this debate before but based on various information I've read and heard;
    It seem that a V-8 is the way to go for power if you want a N/A engine. But if you choose turbo charging a 6 (inline or V) seems to be the way to go. Everything that I have researched at least seems to point that way. I've heard of single and twin turbo V-8s and it appears you don't have a whole lot more of an advantage over a 6. Take the Buick 3.8 in the GNX, stock it was very fast for a production vehicle(modified ones are way fast). Then of course there are your Japanese cars (except the Mazda RX series a totally different animal.) which all are 6s be it inline or V. Now the top fuel dragsters are huge V-8s that are blown and hold the current record for 1/4 mile. However it is impractical for street use. It appears that with turbo charging once ya get over 6 cylinders you have either reached or have gone beyond a point of diminishing returns.

    You would think that it is due to Cu.In./CCs but the 3.8 Buick is much larger than any of the Japanese sixes and is faster or at least quite easily made to be faster
    Either way I like my V-8s and normal aspiration.
    Does anyone have any insight on this. It could be that my info and my thought process isn't
  2. I researched the same thing and came to the same conclusion. Which is why i opted to leave the 6 in the car instead of going 351 or 302. A friend of mine in Montreal (who owns a mustang restoration shop told me that with the 8 about 8000$ into the motor it runs around (give or take a few) 530hp NA. the six about 5000$ into the motor it runs around 510hp twin turbo. Now his info could be wrong but hes been in the business of building mustangs for thirty years. So im taking his word for it.
  3. I was wondering if anyone has tried it with the 4.6 engine yet. I think some company has put dual superchargers on one and had some numbers in the 500-600HP range. I think it might be a Pantera. I forgot to take into account really small V-8s (under 300 Cu.In.).

    BTW Australia makes a nice head for the sixes. I reckon ya already know this. I saw a pic of one and it looked like the manifold had some Cleveland size ports.
  4. not sure about any of that. i would have to ask him about the 4.6 the next time i go up.as for the australia heads not sure either. My two other mustangs were 5.0 im new to the 6 but i will keep you posted in the spring after i hit the dyno and let you know what kind of hp im running in the six. cheers