60 Lb Hr Injectors?

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  1. Thinking about injectors today. I want to be sure that I get an injector big enough for my hp aspirations, that will not be too big as well. I'm sure that there a injector size calculators
    out there that can help me answer this question but I'm gonna throw it out here to be extra thorough.

    250 c.i.
    16/18 psi
    6 cyls
    450 whp @ 6000 RPM.
  2. 42 lb/hr injectors unless you're planning on running E85. Then the 60s.
  3. Whatever you get, you'll have two spares

  4. Really? Every calculator I used recommended at least 60 pounders.
  5. Naaah. You can buy them individually, or in sets of 6. ( They do make engines with less than 8 cylinders..........You know that.............Right?):shrug:
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  6. Yeah, its us screwballs that keeps the rest of the world in check. Me and my 5 cylinder Volvo...
  7. Related question - how big of a fuel cell and what pump will you run? Also, what is the limit on your fuel card? It sounds like the "eco" can be left off of your boost plaque.
  8. I have 60's for my turbo setup which should be more than enough for my plans of 400-450hp with boost
  9. You're running a Ms3 aren't you? From what I've read 60's would be ideal but you can make 42's work
  10. Where you getting the 42 pounders from?
  11. Well obviously not getting them new. Lol.
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  13. btw, just put some 80's in it and be done
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  14. The fuel cell I have is the stock tank, sump'd. I'm using a Mallory marine external pump. Fuel card?
    MS II w/a version 3.0 processor. I'm gonna go with the 60's. The last turbo project had me w/ three sets of injectors after I had to keep upgrading them to keep the injectors from maxing out. Not gonna do that this time.

    There is this guy on eBay that is selling a new set of Bosch style injectors rated at 60 lbs hr. for $299.00 for 8. I think he sells 6 cylinder sets for 250.00 they supposed to be new, and flow matched to some crap like 2%, I think I'll give them a try.
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  15. Great ittle page of info there-. Curious as to why injectors support less hp on 4 and 6 cylinders versus same injectors on a v8?
  16. X2
  17. I would assume it is becaus there are six injectors doing the work of eight. A 400hp v8 would need each injector to support 50hp each. If you had a v6 with the same 50hp injector, you could only support 300hp.

    Now, this is based on my crazy reasoning in my head. Anyone care to confirm or denying this logic?

  18. correct
    if you have a v8 engine making 400 hp, each injector only needs to support 50hp

    If you have a 4cylinder engine making 400hp, each injector will need to support 100hp

    does that help any?
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  19. A point that I missed when I replied above. When I said 42s for 450+ hp, that was assuming 8 cylinders. 450 HP requires just about the same amount of fuel regardless of cylinder numbers. It would easily take 6 x 60 lb injectors, to equal 8 x 42 lbs. So you're probably correct Mike.