$600 a good price for new cobra R wheels?

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  1. A friend of mine that i work with has a set of five lug cobra R's with an aluminum finish on them and he said he would sell them to me for six hundo. they've never been mounted on a car. should i get em?
  2. You missed out friend, i just sold a set of brand new 18x9's shipped for $450. I would keep looking! Or offer him way less.
  3. $400 max.
    buyfordracing in the link posted above has anniversery cobra rims for $99 a rim.
  4. the ones i really want are the anniversary rims. would those fit on lincoln front rotors? or am i going to have fitment issues?
  5. Wont fit without spacers. I just put them on my 89 and bought them from buyfordracing.com .
  6. $600? I paid $350 + shipping ($420?) for powder coated black 17x9's