600 dollar budget.

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  1. what are the first mods i should do to my car? should i go with exhaust and possibly intake? i may go with just looks after i get exhaust, as the car is warrantied and dont want the problems they try to give with mods IN the engine bay itself. I don't want to do headers, as they will really give me a hard time on that as well. What are some things that can make my pony stand out!?!? I wish I could do all the mods you guys do, but the money that bought the car was not mine, so the rules are not made by me.
  2. first mod for everyone should be the sct2. Just insane how it wakes up your car. Auto owners especially should get it.
    My car ran a 14.91 at the track with just an sct2 canned tune.
    with the left over 200 id get an intake before exhaust. but thats just me. Exhaust would also be a good one too if you dont want to do an intake.

    Headers would be a waste of money without doing exhaust.
  3. well, heres my deal. im into looks and performance a little. im adding roughly 100+ pounds in audio equipment, and deffinately pulling more current than u guys. of course, that can come out for the track, but i wanna break 14's with everything in, but not running (so current draw doesnt matter at the track) My brother has a mazdaspeed protoge (the turbo one from 2003) and he runs a 14.9 at the track (hes still learning to drive as well) but he SHOULD be at around 14.3-14.5. He takes every other gen gt's street and strip with intake/exhaust mods. Dont know how, but he does and i've seen it. So hes my competition. Can the tuner take it back to stock at the punch of a few buttons, and have it undetectable its ever been changed? I wouldn't mind doing those mods if it was undetectable on if I have messed with the computer.
  4. for $600, get a ZEX nitrous kit. then save up a little more and get the SCT XCAL2 and a custom dyno tune. you will OWN that mazda!!
  5. cant and even if i could i wouldnt run nitrous. no cheating.

  6. No cheating, so no forced induction? (i.e. SC, TC and Nitrous). In that case you are limited to bolt ons. PHP did run in the 13's with a V6, but they made a ton of bolts ons to it, but it was NA. But keep in mind he was launching that car at 5000 RPM I belive, and doing that, he had a GT 8.8 rear end in, AC delete, alternator pulley, CAI, tune, cant remember what else. Oh yea, this was on slicks!!!

    If your car is a manual, you could probably do it. There are manuals hitting 205-208 RWHP SAE providing you can drive well. I would get a good CAI, really good tune, good exhaust, the PHP alternator pulley, tlok or tt, 3.73's and really good DR's and you can do it.

    EDIT: Opps, you have a $600 budget. The SCT2 is your best bet and launch hard. Not really sure though. I'm sure others will weigh in.
  7. SCT2 can return to the stock tune in about 2 minutes, really easy, and from what ive hard around here, not detectable by the dealer.
  8. like i said, he runs like 14.9 at the track. i dont know much about the mustangs yet, but didnt car and driver get a best of 15.0 or something at the track? i really have 1200 to work with, but i want more audio gear as im a damn audiophile at heart. you guys think 500-600 for exhaust is expensive........i spend that one 2 speakers, EASY! not to mention the amps and front stage.
  9. Your best bet to hit your goal, is to get the C&L/SCT2 combo with professional tune from Doug (bamachips) or Lidio (alternative auto) or the TI combo with professional tune from John (tunable induction). You won't believe the difference after that package.
  10. i believe 15.3 was the best i saw a magazine test for the v6. Never saw them test a manual.
  11. well general rule i believe is .3 extra on autos from stick. so 15 flat by that rule is right.

    off topic: whats the stock tire size?
  12. I agree with Rygen...for just a bit over $600 you can get the SCT X-cal 2 and C&L intake from Doug at Bamachips... best bang for the buck outside of nitrous.. especially for a daily driver.

  13. Yea! And take off the stock muffler before you race him. Just leave it at home. LOL. You can put it back on later.
  14. now......to get around my dad. lol. but can somone let me know the stock tire size as im comforatable and its too damn cold out right now to check.
  15. There are no "rules of thumb" between auto and stick. Most people on this board took their v6 manuals in the 15.3-16.1 range. My best all stock run was 15.26, then 14.91 with tune, and 14.73 with intake and tune. Ill be at the track tomorrow with intake, tune, alt pulley, and new tires to see if i can do any better.

    and i think the tire diameter is 27 inches. like 215/55/16? somin like that.

  16. Yea, I heard you beat me to the punch on buying Scrmings PHP pulley. Tell me how you like it after you give her a run at the track! :nice:
  17. I like it so far, but man i needed a half inch impact to take the stock alt pulley bolt out lol, that thing was in there.
    Im hopin for something in the 14.6's this time out at the track, 14.5s would be great though.

    After the Detroit TT install, im hopin to drop a couple more tenths into the 14.3 and 14.4 range. I may consider doin a 3.73 install while im at it, i may need it to go for my 13.99 n/a run lol
  18. This is the correct answer.
  19. Hey I resemble that remark! Like my daddy used to say... if you're gonna cheat, cheat to win! LOL!

    N20 is not cheating... period... unless the class you're running in specifically says not power adders (s/c, t/c, n20, etc) Otherwise everything is fair!

    First mod should definitely be a SCT X-Cal2... You will need this down the road when you start doing your other mods.... intakes, gears, tire size changes, etc...

    Like others I would say save a few more bucks and buy a C&L/X-Cal2 package. I got mine from Alternative Auto (www.alternativeauto.com). Pics and dyno sheets are here: http://www.tammyandjohn.com/Mustang/Screaming/Mustang.htm#CL

    As Fazm, says nothing will wake your car up like this combo!!!

    Don't overlook replacing the stock muffler... swapping it out with a good one will get you around 10RWHP..

    BTW, we set my automatic's shifting to "Barbaric"... The thing shift so fast and hard... that alone was good for about .25 off my 0-60 time! Ford likes their shifts to be silky smooth! LOL! Which is nice in your Luxury Lincoln... but sucks in your Stang! LOL!
  20. stupid computer... double post... hey... it's early!