600 dollar budget.

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  1. haha i knew that comment would have u come in, reason i said it. i dont know ive never been one to use a bottle on anything. would rather have full power at all times instead of haveing it triggered. so you think a gt high flow cat and and gt take off would open it up good enuff for a while? i've never really modded my own car and knew how it was before and after, so is 10 whp a noticeable increase feeling wise? im sure i could do that for now. im just looking at getting this eclipse cd player ive wanted since the day it came out!
  2. Actually I get in enough trouble around this little town without the juice... which is why i'll never install a remote bottle opener! That kind of power all the time... well... I'ld probably have my insurance cancelled!

    I wouldn't even worry about the cat's at this point... I know you can pick up a GT take off muffler really cheap... I don't know how they sound or what kind of gain you would get... we picked up about 10RWHP with my Magnaflow...
  3. so you dont think the cat would do much along side a muffler? do u think something like a 40 series magnaflow would work well? i guess thats magnaflow lol. its what my buddy has on his GT
  4. Red05V6stang,

    I agree with the advice specified above, i.e. SCT Xcal2 and/or Nitrous. The nitrous may be a bit over $600 ... but well worth it from what I've read.

    What I like about nitrous is that you can keep the engine basically "stock" for daily driving, thus enjoying the gas mileage and reliability of a stock setup. But ... get a HUGE blast of extra power when you need/want it. Seriously, how often do most people do full-throttle runs on a dat-2-day basis. I don't think officer-Mc-friendly will allow this.

    The only question I have regarding nitrous is; if you are able to configure it as an "always-available" setup. I would like to have the juice installed in an instantly(always)-available setup. Thus, if I'm at a light and some heavily modded tuner car pulls up beside me, engine farting full tilt, I can just press the button and waste him but good. I don't want to have to go through a bunch of "getting-ready" operations before the sauce is available. Is this possible? (Screaming?....)

    Finally, if you are at all concerned about the cars handling, I highly recommend installing the GT F/R swaybars (if you don't already have the pony package). The 34mm front can be had as a takeoff from saleen for just $34, postage included. The rear bar will be significantly more since you will need the associated links, bushings, hardware, etc. My Progress Tech setup was $270 and *well* worth it IM(LTH)O. Front & Rear were around $300 and the difference is very noticeable. I installed them by myself, using car ramps, in about 2.5 hours, no special tools required. They make a huge (+) difference in the agility. The car turns tighter, faster and more level. I *highly* recommend this mod for handling.

    Good driving stang-brother!
  5. Bascally that's how I feel about my Nitrous setup... I get in enough trouble without even using the juice... with the 4.10s i'm pretty darn quick from stop light to stop light... I don't street race... and have really never been challenged... So for me I really only need the extra ponies at the track... And the fact that when i hit the juice at the track, I spin my tires on a sticky surface... I can only imagine what would happen on the street!

    Now if you did want to be able to use the nitrous, there are a couple of things... Yes, you can get a remote bottle opener... I have no idea how quick the opener works.. I imagine it's pretty quick... The other thing is you need to have your nitrous tune loaded all the time... Your peformance will suffer a bit when your not spraying but it not terrible...
  6. I wouldn't do it, but thats just me. I get challenged all the time, and I ignore them and just drive normal. The juice is just too tempting. Like John said, the 4.10s and other mods make this one pretty quick off the line. It will suprise you. I know it suprised my friends when they are in the car. The wife can't believe its the same car, she drove it when I got the car stock....then she drove it again a few weeks ago and now prefers not to drive it. LOL. :rlaugh:
  7. Yea, I noticed that when I was looking at hopupracing for jimp, cause thats where I got mine for 440 on sale. Can't wait to hear the difference with an x pipe, just ordered one off of ebay. Goes in this week probably.
  8. How much did u pay for the X?
  9. 79 bucks on ebay. Same place MSP and a few others got thiers. I will dig up a link in a few.