$600 plus for gear install...am I getting screwed?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by N/A Cobra, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. I took my car to a local auto shop earlier this week to have some 4.30s put in my 1996 Cobra. I called them today to see if it was finished and found out that the bill is $612! I was excepting it to be high, but not that high. He also put on some new rear brakes that are included in that, which cost $130, and he did that without asking me first... :nonono: But still, the gear installation cost nearly $500 and that is with me supplying the gears and install kit. He told me that the installation took him 10+ hours and that he had to replace the stock Spline shaft because the old one didn't fit right. I never heard of that before?? But anyway, am I getting screwed or not? I am going to pick the car up tomorrow.

    But on the other hand, what can I expect performance wise going from 3.27s to 4.30s? I heard nothing but great things about gears, but will I be amazed? I can't wait to test them out.

    Thanks, Jason
  2. I was quoted $450 for gear install (including the cost of the gears) for my '03 Cobra which is 10X more difficult to install than a solid axle.

    IMHO it sounds like you may be getting ripped a little.

    3.27's to 4.30's is going to be a massive change. Put is this way, that's nearly a 25% increase in gear ratio. That would be like adding 96 HP to a 400 HP car. It should be a blast!!
  3. Did you change your differential also?
  4. That is very expensive for a gear install. I paid $190 for labor on my car. I supplied the gears and install kit like you.
  5. I'm getting a gear install, a trac-loc rebuild, and new axles installed all for $200, so yeah, you are getting screwed...
  6. IMO, yes! I paid $175 (8 hours of labor) for the installation of my gears. But I've heard some people here in the forum that I've been quoted/charged $800+ for gears installation. May be a I was lucky.
  7. i paid 350 for a 99 cobra with IRS. i supplied 4.56 gears and they supplied all new bearings and everything. i think you are getting screwed
  8. That sounds HIGH.. Call a Ford dealer and see what the book time is on installing gears. That is what they should be charging for the gear install, book time, not the actually time it took to do it, unless it is something special which installing gears is not.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. And no I did not change my differential. I do not think the guy that put the gears in does that kind of stuff very often, and may have had some trouble with it, but he said he got them to work fine and there's no gear whine. I don't think there is anything more that I can do about it. I guess I am just going to have to pay for it, but it kinda upsets me.
  10. Next time get a estimate of the cost before you give them the go-ahead, that way if its more they have to call you. Anyway dont get too pissed off just chalk it up to experience.
  11. Thats a tough one... :( They, like all places should call you before they add parts/raise the price, especially $130 worth. :(

    My buddies dad is a Ford Mech, and will be putting mine in...:)
  12. Yeah, I just got some 4:10's installed and I only paid about $250 before tax, always call about 3 or 4 different places. I always lie and say, "Aw man, the guy down the street told me he'll do it for about $50 cheaper!" Works every time
  13. Yeah, I called various places around town and this was one of the only places that would put them in. I always try to get an estimate, but they would never give me a dollar amount. It's always, "We have to see what it is going to take first" and other bull'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' like that. But I guess there's not much I can do now, but that's the last time I take my car there!!
  14. Well, as long as you got them installed, kick but and take names!!!! jk, yeah, sometimes it's tough to get a good deal, sometimes you just have to pay to get it done. by the way, how are those 4:30's ?
  15. N/A Cobra: I think you were way overcharged.

    mikey99cobra: Were those Ford Racing 4.56's? Did they fit without any issues? I'm lookin at getting 4.56's whenever I can come up with the cash.
  16. You got screwed :( ... I payed $200 for my gear install.
  17. I got my car back yesterday and WOW!! After I got to driving my car for awhile I forget how much I paid for the gears because my car is 10x more fun to drive now! It amazed me how much those gears picked my car up! The only bad thing now is that I am going to need new tires soon...maybe DRs? Anyway, I know I got screwed, but the fun factor is almost worth it! I can't wait to go to the track this spring and see what I can run.
  18. Hey, did those underdrive pullys do anything for you?
  19. I had my 4.10's installed on my 96 cobra for $100 and the guy even paid for the gear oil. Of course that's a pretty sweet deal but I would definelty not pay more than $200

  20. My 2 cents is you definetly got screwed outta some $ BUT you will be truly impressed w/ 4.30s. Like hold the fug on type impressed.