64.5 D code auto to 4 spd manual trans swap advice/info needed


Oct 19, 2018
I have an early 64.5 D code Mustang that I want to switch from an automatic to a 4spd.
I was thinking of installing a top loader 4 spd. I heard Borg Warner T10 wasn't as strong??

I'm trying to source the needed parts.
I was going to buy a new flywheel, pressure plate, clutch, etc. Anything specific to this year/engine for a top loader?
I see I can get the clutch/brake pedals from CJ Pony and they should mount to my existing pedal bracket to body, correct?

I have a 5 bolt bell housing. Are there different bell housings for a 4 spd?
Does the 64.5 clutch equalizer bar mount to the frame and bell housing like a 65-66? Or is it mounted differently? I have Hooker Comp headers.
Is there a specific top loader (code number??) that I should be looking for to fit the 5 bolt bell housing? This is a nice day driver car only, I just want a trans that will be work.
I'll be installing a 3:55 rear diff when I do this project.
What is the correct tail-shaft code I should be looking for and transmission mount to body bracket?
Is the driveshaft yoke to trans the same for the automatic and manual top loader?
Is the driveshaft the same length?

I'm sure I'm missing somethings, so any suggestions would be great on what to look for.

I have a center console, is the Hurst shifter a good one to get?

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