64-66 discbrakeswap kit F/S BNIB

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by BullittStangV8, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. 64-66 diskbrakeswap.com SWAP.2.1.3/M kit for manual brakes/manual steering. Brand new, never mounted. Boxes were opened to get the packaging slip and to verify the contents. Perfect condition. Asking $500 + Shipping OBO. :flag:
  2. It is OBO guys..
  3. is this for front or rear brakes?
  4. For the front. It converts the front brakes to granada type set up, with new spindles, new MC, rotors, ect. Its EVERYTHING needed to swap to disks.
  5. Any offers guys? This is a great swap kit.
  6. I'm sorry, kinda new to the scene of the classics - Can you explain the granada type brakes, and also make a list of everything in it?
    I"d like disk brakes, but I'd also like it to match my rear axle, which is coming from a 94GT.
  7. I am interested, will it fit a 66 coupe with a 6 cyl and auto?

    Where is the kit located?


  8. I do not believe it works with 6 cylinders due to the steering gear/tie rods. It works for 64-68 v8 manual brake cars. the kit includes:

    The kit includes everything needed to swap out your front drum brakes for "Granada" type OE style disc brakes. All new parts including high strength alloy steel spindles, a dust shield kit, caliper brackets, corrosion protected calipers, semi-metallic pads, brake hoses, hose brackets and attachment hardware, adjustable proportioning valve, residual pressure valve, master cylinder, master cylinder outlet adapter(s), an adjustable pushrod (manual brake applications), wheel bearings, wheel seals, caliper attachment hardware, wheel attachment hardware, dust caps, performance slotted rotors with bearing races pre installed, outer tie rods correct for your application, Grade 8 attachment bolts, red and blue thread locker, and caliper lube.
  9. If you dont want to change your steering to V8 and still use this setup dansdad you can purchase these adapters


    I had a set on my original 6 cylinder linkage.

    So this setup will work with a 6cylinder car.
  10. Thanks for that advice. btw they are still for sale
  11. pm sent.....
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