'64-66 Drivers Side Fender

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by CraigMBA, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Used OE Ford fender. Stripped to bare metal for your inspection. Straight and rust free. Prime and install. No holes.


    SOLD. Thanks Sergio!
  2. This is a bump because:

    1. I need this piece to leave my garage - soon, and will take any reasonable offer.
    2. I am willing to trade for a set of reasonably straight unmolested OE 64-66 bumpers that are in need of rechroming.
  3. Too bad you are so far from me...I could help you out..
  4. Bump. I still got it.
  5. I could use it, but I'm all the way over in Missouri...
  6. I hear ya.

    I still got it......bumpasaurus.
  7. Fender

    I need a 66 LH fender. Will this fit? In my searches, they list a 65-66 fender. I have an aftermarket LH one now, but it doesn't fit well.

    You can take it to a Staples or one of those shipping outlets in strip malls and they will bubble wrap it and ship it for you.

    I'll give you $50 plus shipping to 85033.

  9. Just curious, why can't you ship it? What if I had a shipping company come and pick it up, wrap it and ship it?
  10. Because without the monster shipping box they use from the OE vendor, you can't ship this that way. Even if I had a box, freight would be about $125 one way. And even if you wanted to pay for freight and I had a box, you take a 50% chance of having the UPS thrower damage it.

    Whoever picks this up will get a perfect fender. If I ship it............it won't be when it gets there.

    Anytime you go pick up body parts, try to do it in person and inspect them before you haul them home.

    Also, if I thought this fender was worth $50, I'd put it in the dumpster. Or, I'd of advertised it as 'junk'. Considering you can't get a good used fender for less than $350 locally (this one is nicer than what Mustang Village sells)............your offer isn't reasonable.
  11. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you with such a low-ball offer. I'm cheap. I took a 94 Dodge bumper to one of those strip mall shipping places and it got shipped with no damage. Good luck. If I was going your way, I would buy it.
  12. You can ship a bumper in bubble wrap no problem.

    A fender? :notnice:
  13. Still have the fender? I have family in CA that will pick up for me.
  14. Yes.

    I am about six miles from Disneyland.
  15. You're welcome. Thanks for a great fender and smooth tranaction.
    I'll enjoy it!:nice: :SNSign:
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