64-66 stock front suspension

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by allcarfan, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. Pieces have 5000 miles on them or less. Still assembled...and off car...

    Upper control arm
    Lower control arm
    strut rod
    drum brakes
    ball joints
    cross member
    motor mounts
    sway bar
    sway bar bushings and moutns
    steering assembly
    Brake lines
    620 coil springs
    Spring perches

    Everything ready to bolt back in. Perfect for a restore/rebuild

    Make me an offer on everything.
  2. Stupid question, but this is off a V-8 5-lug car correct?

    Sounds interesting but shipping to NY would kill the deal me thinks.

    Tommy D
  3. Yes, it is off a 5 lug/V8 car. I can look into freight shipping on a pallet under my business account. It is probably in the realm of $125 or so - maybe cheaper. Last time I shipped an engine and parts on a pallet from GA to Illinois, it was $175. I can check into it if you are really interested.

    Everything is in great shape. You could, literally, swap your entire front suspension and steering assembly in less than 2 hours with two people. We took it out all assembled and it is still...assembled.

    Just let me know,

  4. Thanks Shane

    Too many $$$ right now. Plus it looks like I got a floor pan to change!!!


    Tommy D
  5. Will you sell the UCA LCA an spring perches? price?

  6. the whole kit and caboodle is on Ebay right now. If it doesnt sell there, I will be more than happy to separate and give you a good price.

  7. I just joined the forum and wanted to see if your suspension parts are still available. If so, you can contact me at [email protected]

    Thanks. Jim
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