65-66-69-70 tons of parts

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  1. I have tons of small parts heater controlls, complete ash trays, light switches, kick panels, door handles, lights, pumps, pullys, markers, need to sell quick for fastback for my little girl have tons more just send emil all located in Northern Worcester County Ma. all must go for this project to work.
  2. Parts

    I need a LH rear door window guide for a 1965 plus nice 1964 1/2-65 clip on style door & window cranks.If you have something,email me at [email protected]
  3. The long window guide I have a few I have a box of crank handles/door I will check later today for the early style.
  4. I'm looking for bench seat brackets for a '66. Or bucket seats. Let me know if you have them
  5. I have a pr of bucket seats with new parchment upholstry on them sorry no bench seat.
  6. do you have the resistor block for the heater control for a 69? it mounts to the heater box. its got a coil and its a red base
  7. I'm looking for 67 fastback center ac vent. Do you have it?
  8. I need an A/C Center Vent Register for a 69-70 Mustang. Have anything good?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.