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  1. well i was going to buy cpp lower kit AND top arms but at 300 vs 100 i figured on the howes units but am not sure wich ones i need or wich balljoints to buy from rock auto etc or am i completely missing something here???

    i/ we all would be very gratefull if somebody with ,,the knoledge,, could view these websites and advise wich arms/parts/part nos would work:nice:
  2. Howes, or any other circle track supply, does not have a bolt on UCA for mustangs that I know of. you would need to build it using the UCA components.

  3. yes bill ref the uca but i never realized it would meen reaming the spindle?

    yes good idea about building front bend with shorter coil overs im no expert but cant se why that wouldnt work provided the mounting points were strong enough and it would meen you could remove the towers for room a bit like a m2 front end but the bracing from cage or bulkhead should provide a firmer platform and it would possibly weigh less as an added bonus
  4. Hey ther 5280 what did the Bump steer work out to be on your setup? Did you end up changing out any of the tie rods or sleevs to get the optimum bump steer?When looking at the RRS strut setup it eliminates or minimises the bump by getting rid of the UCA.All three of the different setups are cool in ther own way.1 with the mount dropped from the upper tower position 2 through it,of corse you 2 guys working out your own has it's own benefits of less cost and pride in acomplishment.ours will be mostly a compitiion car so ride, wheel wells, fender lips are all going to be sacrificed for better track times man am I going to have fun getting my 315 30 18's in the back..yea IE.lets get as low as we can:Track:.I need to make an order soon thanks again for the great posts on this thred.