Expired 65-66 Mustang Turbo kit

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  1. Up for sale is a turbo kit I built for my 1965 mustang.
    I Had a 351 with Victor jr heads and a RC motorsports MII front end.
    I know this fit on my car, It should fit on your car if you have the same setup. BUT, i cant garentee it since every classic car is different. I also had to trim out some metal behind the bumper to fit the cooler. It is tight, but does work. Unless you dont want to run the cooler, then obviously you wouldnt. The hot side was originally setup for T-6, but i then switched to T-4. I machined a piece at work to use as a adaptor. so you can run either size.
    All the metal is Stainless steel. On the hot side its all Vband. And all the metal came from Columbia River Mandrels. Everything was tig welded and then just High temp painted. which has held up very well. You could have it blased and coated too if you wanted.
    Headers are 1 3/4 Stainless to V-Band
    2.5in Stainless Crossover pipe with 2in
    All cooler piping and Intercooler
    Innovative Waste Gate 48mm
    Tial BOV
    What you will need-
    Turbo, either T-4 or T-6
    Figure out your own downpipe. you can fit a 4in past the passanger side of the motor. i dont think 5in will fit with out some really "fun" exhaust work.


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