65-66 quarter window diagram??

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  1. Anyone have a diagram for the regulator and parts for a 65-66 coupe?? I dont have a shop manual for the car and for some reason it seems more complicated than my 69.

    I got it out fine...just getting it back in now :lol:
  2. XOX,
    I just installed both side glass and quarters in the last few days and it was not that difficult, time consuming, but not that hard.
    You need to be ceratin you have the door and quarter window components separated for left and right sides and they need to be throughly cleaned and lubed. I found a post on this forum concerning the installation of the side windows but it was somewhat incomplete and difficult, at least for me, to decipher. I had a picture from a service manual and other sources before starting and it asisted in the general placement of the components. One of the problems was that the names of the different components were not clearly identified in the manual, nor did my manual tell how to, or in what sequence, to install the window components. The quarterwindows were the easiest by far. The following is what I did to install the quarter windows and it worked the easiest.
    1. install the "L" bracket with rubber bumper in the bottom of the window bay first, but do not tighten.
    2. slide the large "track pan" into the lower access hole and let it settle on the bottom.
    3. lift the "track pan" up while sliding the quarterwindow in from the top onto the forward tracks of the "track pan". rotate the quarter window aft as you go down to engage the quarter window aft roller into the aft track of the "track pan".
    As the window slides down the track, engage the upper forward roller of the quarterwindow into the forward track of the "track pan" . Now the window is in the track of the track pan sitting loosely on the floor. Install the window regulator in the door, making sure the "stop" on the aft side of the regulator is also bolted when you install the regulator bolts. The "stop" attachment bolt sits between two of the regulator mounting bolts. Install the lower track pan bolt but do not tighten.
    4. with the window "down", install the upper rear bolt of the track pan loosely.
    5. raise the window by hand and install the upper forward track pan bolt through the hole in the quarterwindow frame, but do not tighten. now the track pan is loosely installed in the door.
    5. Insert the roller for the outward facing regulator arm into the quarterwindow track, move window as necessary to allow engagement of the regulator arm pin making sure the clip is seated all the way.
    6. Slide the remaining 'stand-alone" track into the lower opening with roller installed. move window as required to engage inward facing regulator arm pin into roller in "stand-alone" track. install clip. secure "stand-alone" track with two bolts.
    7. operate windw as necessary to gain access and tighten the (3) track pan bolts. tighten all regulator bolts . adjust lower "L" bracket (with bumper) with window down and tighten the "L" bracket bolt.
    I would also suggest you replace all the rollers. They're like $1.50 a pair with a clip. I spent a lot of time cleaning the old grease from the tracks and relubing prior to assembly. Final adjustment of the window will require you to obtain a manual or some instructions from another source, but the preceding worked for me for installation. Hope this helps.

    Outlaw 66
  3. If the opposite side is still intact, use it as a reference for how the parts go together in addition to Outlaws instructions.
  4. This is why StangNet still ROCKS! If you are having a problem or need some guidance or just want some info on some new parts, someone always comes through. This seemed to be a fairly obscure question, but Outlaw took the time to spell it out step by step. :SNSign:
  5. LOL.. i wish I did. I had to pull them to pull the dumb side moulding that goes in the scoop part of the 1/4.

    Outlaw...thanks a lot, hoping to tackle the project tomorrow
  6. Im trying to install my quater window in now but there is this round rubber bumper like thing that I have left over. Where does it go?