65 Coupe, slightly modifed

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by mustangracer, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. More Pictures

    still for frickin' sale

    First $4K gets it and all the extras

    Price drop, includes items in second post

    65 Mustang Coupe, bunch of modifications

    289 w/5.0 EFI, GT-40P heads, 204/214-.472 cam, tri-y
    T5 trans, Z labeled service replacement (3.35 1st), Hurst shifter.

    '71 Mustang Front disk brakes, 11" rear drums, dual pot MC, 620 front springs, 4 1/2 leaf mideye rear. 1" front sway, 3/4" rear. 8" rear (2.73) (Turns ~1800 rpm at 80)

    Autometer Ultralight 6 gauge setup. (Only bright spot in the interior)

    Replaced drivers pan, other bits, needs a pass side patch, door patch, RF fender work, misc bodywork, been stripped to metal, but single sealer primer to attempt to keep the rust at bay. Kinda working..

    Needs interior and exterior work, but the car has been driven cross country, and is being used as a daily driver on the lovely SoCal freeway system.



    Will email more pics on request
  2. What?..not even a nibble?

    I'll even throw in all the misc parts I have in my shed.

    AC underdash unit
    Wiend Stealth manifold & 4 bbl combo + some misc fuel bits and holley FP
    Export brace
    Milodon Chrome valve covers
    a bunch of misc finishing parts, screws, 4 speed look T5 handle
    misc tuning bits for above holley carb
    Autolite 4100 (1.12 bore) from a 63-64 big ford, it's got frozen throttle shafts but i still have most of the bits.
    Some misc 2100 parts
    whatever else I forgot...

    Heck, I'd even just take $200 for all the parts in the shed.
  3. If you weren't out in cali I would be interested in this...so bump for a good deal...
  4. Go figure, 2 years ago this car was in Greenville, SC
  5. which firing order are you using? The 5.0HO (351w) or the original 289-302 order with the EFI?
  6. I thought you have to use the EFI order for the EEC IV
  7. Probably belongs in Tech, but since it has a non-HO cam it is using the early firing order. Makes not a bit of difference to the efi it seems like.
  8. Could you send me some more pics @ [email protected]?

    I'm very interested in body condition pics..

  9. I live in northern Virginia, Sounds like a really nice car. Send me some pics at [email protected]
  10. Do you have any larger pics you could send to me please. Gonna send you a PM with my e-mail. Thanks!
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