65 Fastback 4.6 DOHC Turbo Progress Pics

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  1. Hi all, I browse here a lot but seldom post. I decided to post a few pics of the project I ahve been working on for the past two years.

    The car is a 65 Fastback that I added a Heit's front and rear suspension. The engine is a 4.6 DOHC with forged internals. Trans is a Tremec TKO. Rear is a 9" with Detroit true trac and 3.50 gears. The turbo is a Precision T70 that I plan on running at 15psi.

    This project is taking forever, but it is my dream car and I will be able to say that I built it totally by myself.

    Well enough rambling for now here are some pics, let me know what you guys think.

  2. That looks like a nice project. The turbo plumbing looks really good. I'm putting a 4.6dohc into a 67 so I know what it takes to put a mod motor into a classic.

    But I have to ask - why a carb if you're going turbo?
  3. It is looking great. So what did you have to do to run a carb on that engine? Are you still running some sort of computer?
  4. you suck!:D

    that is exactly what we (10secgoal) and I were going to do with our 67 fastback that we bought for our company project car.

    We were also going to stay carb'd as well:nice:

    very nice build:flag:
  5. wow :jaw: that's what i wanted to do to my '66 coupe when i get my own home until keep the pic. comin'. need all the info. i can get.
  6. wow that looks like a tight fit, looks like a ton of custom work, nice job. Keep it up
  7. yeah i guess you shouldn't have too much trouble accelerating to merge into traffic with that...

  8. I didn't expect to see a carb when I opened this thread. Very nice work! :nice:
  9. looks like a sick set up! should put down some nice numbers:nice:
  10. That's a nice setup you got there :jaw:
  11. Very impressive. Looks like a ton of custom work and fabrication.

    What do you plan to run for an ignition?

    -could be the angle, but it looks like there is very little clearance between the fuel pressure regulator and the exhaust.
  12. i have a question about your inter cooler. are you using a stock front end and do you plan on having it clear everything? if so, is it difficult to accomplish?
  13. MSD makes a stand alone unit that runs the timing. It uses the stock cam and crank sensor aolng with a MAP sensor to activate stock COPs. Very nice setup and completely programable.
  14. It is the angle, and I am going to wrap the hotside with black header wrap.
  15. The intercooler does fit with the stock grill but it is TIGHT!! I may have to do some minor trimming, but not much. Not near the trimming I had to do to get the engine/trans in!!!
  16. Thanks for the comments guys, it feels great to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping to be totally on the road next summer. I know it seems far off, but with a 3 year old helper and another one on the way I get slowed down.

    Anyways her is a pick of the rear suspension and the gauge pod I fabbed up.

  17. might need a new windshield j/k :)
  18. Very nice. Keep up the great work.
  19. That looks bad a$$. It looks like you have gotten past alot of the tough spots, hope everything goes smooth.